would this have contaminated my brush?


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Oct 9, 2004
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Hello, having tried to rescue my brush I have now resigned myself that it is going to have to go to the great brush box in the sky!!!:cry:
So today I have ordered a new one, now I want to avoid the same thing happening, obviously! And have been trying to think how my old one became poorly.
I have always been very careful storing it and only clean it monomer, but was thinking today that at work they decant monomer out of the big container into a smaller bottle. Do you think that it is possible this could have caused contamination? The other thing I thought was, I have been using the same brush for glitters and normal P&W would this have any effect on it?
Also, how long should a brush last, I have had mine for about a year is that about right?
Linds xx
Also, how long should a brush last, I have had mine for about a year is that about right?
Linds xx
If you're doing nails day in, day out I think a year is quite a long time to have a brush, I change mine every 5 months or so, I can feel my current brush coming to an end now, had it about 4 months.

I do use a different brush for glitter applications though as it's easy to get glitter trapped in the bristles and then suddenly appear in your white or your pink!

i usually get a new brush every 8 to 10 months...because the snap just...goes.
i use a different brush for glitters.
I find contamination happens in summer... every brush this has happened to has happened in summer.. my winter brushes are fine, all stored the same way, all only used in ONE brand/type of monomer.... so this summer I am going to try storing my brush in the fridge when its not in use and see if my theory is right
Depends how often you use your brush...if it gets a lot of use then you will have to replace quite often.
I always keep a seperate brush for glitters...way too annoying to get a bit of glitter in my other acylic.

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