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Nov 12, 2007
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Hi guys,

have just set up on my own (best thing i ever did)!
Was wondering if many of you offer special xmas/new year party packages or promotions? what would be good treatments to offer/include in these packages.
Was thinking spray tanning, nail paint & quick lash/brow treatments.
Want to know what gets peoples juices flowing? What do clients go for at this time of year?

(sorry to mention the x word for those of us who are completely unprepared)!

look forward to hearing you

Well what i have done is November & December offers all in one as it does get busy this time of year and you dont even have time to think in December!!

For Christmas packages i have done a combination of a back massage, body exfoliation and a spray tan.
The other one i have done is back massage, manicure and pedicure.

I know for a fact that everyone likes to look good at Christmas and this way they are getting pampered and can relax.

Also when your having clients in, ask them if they wish to rebook in January and offer them a discount. This way you will be guaranteed that client for January.

Theres so many offers which you can do such as:
Book a facial and recieve a back massage free. This way they are trying something new and there is that likely chance that they will rebook.

Some clients are hesitant to try something new because they are unsure of the treatment unless you give a discount or as an add on to their current treatment.

I had a client in the other day who just wanted to come in for a back massage, so i then suggested for a bit extra i can do it with hot stones and she was willing to try it. Afterwards she said that it was one of the best massages ever and she didnt have a clue about hot stones massage! So at least that way i got my treatment over to her!

Hope this helps
I have done an offer on Facial,Eyelash tint and Eyebrow shape for a pre Xmas party treat.I have only been mobile for a couple of months but seem to be busier with Manicures,Pedicures and Waxing so i opted to promote the treatments that i didnt do so much of...ie Facials.
I have made postcards up with a christmas theme

Christmas Wrapping
algae body wrap with holistic facial

all that glitters
reiki infused with crystals

chocolate, mandarin and cinnamon body massage

Hot toddy
reflexology with hot stone foot massage
What great ideas!, just what I have been looking for, hopefully will bring in more clients.
I've had a big promotion offering 25% off all treatments in October and November, a big discount but has brought alot of people in. I'm really pushing nails at the moment so i will have a discount on those in December as well as a Special Occasion Make-up plus file and polish package.

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