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Mar 31, 2007
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i am currently working in a therapy centre/salon. I work there as self employed roughly one day a week and then i have a full ime job aswell. I rent at the centre and i am being charged 50 % per treatment to use the room.

i know this is a lot.....hence my thoughts in going mobile. i am really nervous about it in terms of health and safety. I would really like to rent another room somewhere but these are very sought after.

Was anyone else nervous when they went mobile? i cant work from home as i rent.

i also have to sell my car as it too small, i would like a estate....its all so confusing and i just dont know where to start. at the momment i have no clients as i rely on the centre for work but this has also been slim.

your thoughts would be really helpful.

hi Orchid,

you have to remember that going mobile has its PLUS points AND its NEGATIVE points, you are best to get a large piece of paper and write these down.

the positive points of remaining in the room:
1. promotion, people will visit that centre
2. safety, you have less chance of a perv trying to book you
3. look professional

the positive points of mobile:
1. you ARE you're own boss
2. you can leave when you have finished the appointment

Orchid, I have done both, and I am at the stage where I want to be in a premises. I feel more comfortable with the situation, I like the fact that I am in one place and clients treat you as a professional. When I was mobile, I spent long periods in the car travelling from 1 place to the next (rarely do you get 2 clients from the same area).

You also tend to travel out of your preferred area to access clients. You sometimes are treated as not-quite-a-professional because you havent got the premises.

When its ****ty weather, you still have to go out in it, you have to FIND the place, and you have to find a parking place!!!!!!!!!! yOU then have to lug all of your equipment out of the car into the house, then set up, then do the consultation and treatment, then unpack your equipment and move it to the car. A 1 hour treatment, in reality, is 2 hours!
If they are charging 50% of your costs, the I hope that tney are doing all the promotion, taking appointments, supplying all the equipment, towels, supplies, etc.

for that %, you should be able to just turn up and do the treatment.

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