Acrylic Nails - How long should they last?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by ChelleB, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. ChelleB
    How long should they last? I had a client who had her nails done on 26th jan and said the other day one chipped, one broke and 2 "fell off" so they've lasted her a little over a week... are they not supposed to last about 2-3 weeks before needing maintenance which is normally just re-balance or infills? and i've never known acrylics to just "fall off"?
  2. MissOwen
    Hi there

    Any form of nail enhancement can last at least 2-3 weeks if its applied correctly and taken care of correctly by the client!!! You may have done a fantastic job but if your client is heavy handed and doesnt care for her nails..... then they wont last.

    Its also very unlikely that her nails 'fell off'. Its a clients favourite term..... they use it to cover a multitude of sins. Including, i caught it on the car door the day before, i constantly use that nail to pick at things and i found a tiny little bit to pick at on the nail and kept at it until it came off! :green:

    I usually start any 'it fell off' conversations with 'ouch, i hope it didnt hurt when you caught it' or 'ooooh dear, tell me all about it'. This is usually enough for them to launch into their story about how they actually did it. Dig a little deeper and see what she says :hug: xxx
  3. ChelleB
    Thank you! Well... I said to her that must have hurt and I also asked her by pm on Facebook (she's a friend) to tell me when she first started having problems with the nails and what happened exactly so that I can keep a tab on my work because obviously I need to know if it's my work that's the problem or if its the client not looking after the nails as well as she could... she hasn't replied lol xx
  4. Miss Pink23
    I agree, nails do not just FALL OFF lol.
    As said, if the nails have been applied properly thats only half of it. The client must do their bit at home to make sure they get the best out of their nails.
    Nail biters normally dont last 2-3 weeks and neither do 'pickers' or heavy-handed people. There are so many reasons why a client can 'lose' nails-when they leave you, you have no control over those nails until they return.
    Im sure you have not done anything wrong-so dont worry.
  5. NailVixen
    Lol I love when people say "they fell off"... every time mine come off it hurts like hell and usually makes me cry! And you can tell by looking at the natural nail (IMO) if it's had some serious trauma while coming off. I've seen nails just fall off when I've seen bad prep done beforehand but otherwise that shouldnt happen! People just dont wanna say "I ripped it off/caught it in a door/tried to open a pop can, and I cried like a baby!"
  6. CGritt

    I have the same then as i ask my girls more questions they start with the:

    'It didn't help trapping them in the door' or 'I did it taking the vacuum upstairs' or 'I did it cleaning the loo!'

    I always have my acrylics on and infill and maintain every 2-3 weeks, mine never just come off.

    Are you giving your clients any aftercare advice? I have a big aftercare sheet on my wall so clients can read it whilst getting their nails done, after i have done application i take a smaller print off of the aftercare sheet and go through it explaning car doors, ring pulls, etc ARE NOT YOU FRIENDS!! haha

    I also think that if a client damages one nail, they think i have to take them all off and then they start picking :eek: it really is too much trouble for a call or text to say 'I need repairing'

  7. Karen Minx
    How long do your sets last normally before a rebalance? Are you new to nails? What training have you done and what system are you using?

    Sorry about all the questions but you haven't filled out your profile yet. :)

    If an enhancement hasn't been applied well, then they will come off eventually.
  8. frenchie
    They never just fall off.... but some people are more prone to lifting etc die to a greasier nail plate? a double nail prep tends to rectify this in my experience xxx
  9. izzidoll
    Actually sometimes when you are just out of training they can just fall off!!
    It just means they weren't properly attached in the first place!

    It would be just wonderful if we had all just attended 1 course to learn nails and thereafter we applied beautiful strong and perfect nail enhancements that totally stayed put, didn't lift, and were perfect but grown out 3 weeks later for the easiest infill/rebalance appointment.

    Dream on!!! :eek:

    Your first course is like your driving test, once you pass it is when you really start to learn.....from your mistakes!!

    First thing you have to do is go over your Course Manual, and perfect your Prep of the nail plate. If your course didn't really cover that in great detail, then check out the fab tutorials on here.
    Improper prep is the main cause of lifting...or nails popping off!

    Mix ratio....are you working too wet....most newly qualified techs do, again leading to lifting....and nails popping off (although usually assisted by the client in this instance)

    Check out all of the Tutorials on here, and keep learning from your will all come together eventually...usually after about 80 sets of nails lol!!

    After that and when you are confident your prep is perfect your mix ratio is bang on, and your application is sublime....THEN you can start to blame your clients :lol:
  10. ChelleB
    I wasn't blaming her, I was just asking how long they are supposed to last and I genuinely haven't heard of nails just falling off, that's all
  11. izzidoll
    I know you weren't :hug: ......just seemed like everybody else was lol, and the only advice you were getting was to blame the client!!!

    ...The irony being that everybody else was right too....usually when a client says they have 'just fallen off' they mean they have just picked them off, but when you are first qualified and still in the initial learning phase of your craft then you should look to yourself first to assess what may have happened.
  12. ChelleB
    :) Yeah thats why I emailed her to ask what happened and when etc :) so I can figure out where I went wrong and how I can improve xx

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