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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Creative Tech, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. Creative Tech
    Hi All!
    I'm thinking of having blonde highlights put in my hair.............but!my hairdresses is sirgesting T-section.Can anyone tell me, what a is T-section is :rolleyes:as i don't now which to have.

    Many Thanks!:hug:
  2. Zingara
    A T section is just that! Through the parting and across the front, so it is the top layer that would have the lights. If you are pretty fair anyway, its a good idea and can look very natural, as it is where the sun would normally highlight your hair.
  3. *JOANNE*
    i had highlights put in a t section the other week.
    basically its highlights on top and they leave the underneath, looks modern and not too blonde and brassy this way
  4. Sassy Hassy
    A T section is using the foils to achieve your highlights. It's cheaper than a full head weave which is when they put the foils through the whole head of hair.
  5. Blondie21
    hey ya,
    The t-bar is in the shape of a "T"
    so it goes up the sides and across the parting! great if you wear your hair down alot, as if you wear it up you will see a obvious contrast and i may look slightly uneven and false!

    see it she could but some on the crown aswell otherwise when your hair is down, the hair will only look coloured on the front and dark on the back!
    only a few though!
    i am a hairdresser so if you want any more tips just post me!
    blondes have more fun!:)
  6. The Beauty Shed
    Hi, I feel I can help with this one...after all I am a qualified hairdresser!! A t section is along the parting and then either side at the front down to your ears. It is only really done on longer hair as it can look a bit poo on short hair!!

    It is done like this because basically, no matter how u wear your hair, you only ever really see part of it don't u! If you wear your hair down, u literally only see the top section of hair along your parting and if you tie your hair back the hair u will see is that along the front of your hair line from ear to ear, so a t section covers both instances. There is no point in having a full head tint if you have long hair because you are wasting money colouring parts of your hair that you never see!

    The only problems come if you have major layering or if you wear your hair in fancy up do's, then you may need to look into a full head. If you describe exactly what look u r after to your hairdresser, and how you normally wear your hair, she will be able to make an informed decision.

    Hope this helps x

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