Brisa Lite with Gelish?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by kelly_17, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. kelly_17
    Does anyone know if the new Brisa Lite product will be able to be used with Gelish?
  2. willowrose
    Harmony already have a soak off enhancement & strength product called structure gel:

    GELISH Structure Clear Gel

    They're probably very similar but it would create a more professional image to stay with one product line & use the harmony product. It is also likely to work better with gelish gel as it has been formulated to be used in conjunction with it.
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  3. JuicyLucy
    Gelish Structure is not actually an enhancement gel (ie not for sculpting), however, it does strengthen weak nails and can be used as an overlay.

    Gelish also do Vitagel Strengthener which can be used as an overlay or underneath Gelish - its brilliant stuff.

    Gelish also do an LED hard gel system.

    The only thing missing from the Gelish range is a soak off sculpting gel.

    I don't know anything about Brisa Lite, but at this point I assume (maybe wrongly) it could be used under Gelish or other gel polish brands, if you have the right lamp to cure the Brisa Lite.
  4. Karen Minx
    I will be using my Gelish with Brisa lite. I am a CND girl and use all CND enhancement products inc Shellac. Gelish gel polish is the only product different I do use. I have tried the Gelish hard gel system and I didn't like it. I use structure gel occasionally for repair work but I won't need to know that Brisa lite is just round the corner :)
    I'm hoping the new CND LED lamp will cure other gel polish systems aswell, if so I will be buying it and selling my Gelish 18g led lamp x
  5. willowrose
    Gelish structure gel can be used for soak off enhancements. Their website states it in the product description, I have created enhancements from it & their training teaches you how to do it.

    Another thread on SG about how to use structure gel with tips (I personally prefer forms):
  6. mini4mum
    Like your style :)
  7. JuicyLucy
    That's interesting. It was never shown to me during training. I didn't think it would be strong enough. I've never tried it with tips and I thought it was too runny for sculpting. But perhaps I will give it a try.

    If this is the case. Harmony have done a poor job of promoting an LED soak off enhancement product :lol:
  8. Karen Minx
    I was told on my gelish class it can be done but not recommended has its not strong enough. We didnt get taught to either but was told we could extend a little bit by a couple of mm but at your own risk, just trial and error. xx
  9. kelly_17
    Thanks for the replies. I'm hoping they can be used together as I love my Gelish products but was looking in to training with bio sculpture so I could add length but seems like brisa lite is going to be brilliant and hopefully not as expensive as bio sculpture!
  10. MINKUS

    Just to clarify Structure Gel 'can' be used over tips and for sculpting SHORT enhancements.

    However, It is primarily used for adding strength to natural nail overlays, repairs, hiding imperfections in the nail plate etc but you can as I say do short enhancements with it.

    IT IS NOT as strong as Fusion Acrylic or Gelish Hard Gel which is the route you would go down for a set of strong durable enhancements.

    It is covered on the Gelish training days and it is in the manual you will receive when attending the training:wink2:
  11. JuicyLucy
    I will have a look through my manual again. Thanks.
  12. Sharny
    I sculpt tips with Sculpture gel and it works perfectly, I only usually do it for repairs when I have broken a nail. I have two nails that I broke on Boxing day and I sculpted tips on and they are still going strong now, I just buffed the gelish off when it came to doing a new colour.

    I have also used it with tips and it lasted 2 weeks on a client :) x
  13. Sharny
    The Brisa Lite is only meant to last about 2 weeks also :) for long lasting hard extensions you would opt for Brisa or GHD :) x
  14. ProperPrincess
    If its only meant to last two weeks why are cnd saying it lasts upto 3 with shellac?
  15. JuicyLucy
    Most gel polish etc. say "Up To" 21 days. In practice, most clients would not want to keep it on that long due to regrowth.
  16. mizzy_dizzy
    There was another thread about brisa lite ,Geeg said it can be rebalanced and maintained or soaked off. That would be nice ,
    And some soak off gels are horrid to file.
  17. Arty*Rox
    There are 2 different types of Brisa lite, one is brisa lite smoothing - used for extra strength and hiding imperfections over natural nails and then there is Brisa lite sculpting that is created for enhancements that can be used over tips or forms for sculpting, there both soak off gels.
  18. ProperPrincess
    My point was that it can last that time and it does not have to be removed
  19. ~Emmsybabes~
    Structure gel is perfect for sculpting a broken nail with.
    As Minkus says though we only recommend this for fairly short nails, this isn't a negative point, it is just that the product is what it is, it is a flexible ( yet incredibly tough ) soak off gel.
    For longer extensions then yes we would recommend GHG gel or fusion acrylic.

    Structure gel is multiple use, you can apply it under or over GELISH colour,
    you can repair broken nails with it,
    you can extend with it,
    or just use it as an additional layer to smooth ridges, hide imperfections etc.
    We have always had it, and I personally think every gelish technician should have one in her kit 'just in case'
    Even if you have that one client who always chips a nail, just pop it on that one nail for some additional strength,

    I usually wear a layer on the 2 nails I hold my file with as I wear them down in the corners, structure delays that happening.
    It's a cool little product :)
  20. JuicyLucy
    So it can be infilled if you file the Gelish or Shellac off?

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