Chinese nail painting or one stroke

Discussion in 'Nail' started by eleni dimitrou, Sep 6, 2010.

  1. eleni dimitrou
    Hi,someone doing chiness nail painting or one stroke .Lets share experience.....

    what colors do you use?
    which brushes?
    here some my photos...



  2. Claire.1611
    Wow, they look lovely! i'd love to be able to do nail art like that. If you don't mind me asking why is it called chinese nail painting or one stroke? xx
  3. Karen Minx
    Wow they are lovely! I don't do one stroke painting and i only discovered it a few weeks back when i see another geeks image, i never heard of it before. Do they do specialized training in this sort of thing or is it self taught? If there is training out there, where can i find it has im very intrested?
  4. eleni dimitrou
    i was taught in Cyprus, course 3 days, as i know if you gather up to a group of 10 people they can come to you. I sent you their contacts as private message.What can i say....after learning i was very busy and i,m sure that my clients will always be with me, because in my area no one does the same
  5. eleni dimitrou
    and they also have internet shop with funny prices where you can find everything for beauty salon
  6. RicaPica
    beautiful work! can you tell us what brushes you use and what size?
  7. eleni dimitrou
    i use brush set specially for this type of nail painting. It must to be synthetic but not too hard .i sent you as private message where you can buy it
  8. Pooh8bear
    Please can you pm me about course etc .Thank you x
  9. Deena
  10. BobSweden
    More examples so you can see how versatile a technique it is:

  11. Karen Minx
    Thankyou Deena xx :hug:
  12. Karen Minx
    Beautiful work! :)
  13. All2Hand

    Hello there, please could you pm me too, I have a friend who would love to learn this style of painting as well.
    Janice x
  14. becca boo
    There is a website it's that sells great vids for this type of art it's all in spanish which I don't speak but it is very easy to follow they do every stroke step by step its one of the best ways I have found to learn this. The prices are pretty good too. I have ordered from them a few times with no problems
  15. Karen Minx
    Thankyou becca boo! will check it out. xxx
  16. NoLimitNails
  17. tracey louise
    i bought some acrylic paintes from hobbycraft and to be honest they werent very good.
    they did have loads to choose from though so i probably just bought the wrong ones.
    can any recommend any good ones from hobbycraft or somewhere else please. :)
  18. Ruthlm
  19. NoLimitNails
    Polycolor from Maimeri is what loads of Russian (and other countries in that area) uses. In my opinion they are the best, and quite cheap compared to lots of so called one stroke - paints.
  20. BobSweden
    You can also use the paints from those warhammer type model shops. They sell paints to paint the little plastic models and we've found the ones from our local shop to be very good.

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