Do gel nails damage natural nail?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by lozz1, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. lozz1
    I have been using Jessica GELeration where i work and have started to wear it myself and use on my clients. I am finding when its removed on my nails my nail plate is marked and rough. Is this just from it being buffed before application.? also where my nails grow fast after a week im seeing caps by the cuticle so i start to peel it off. !!!
  2. blossom
    As far as I am aware only two things can damage the natural nail, an over-zealous nail tech who files too much, and the client picking the nails off.
  3. lozz1
    i agree. think im gonna give them a break with a treatment coat get them back on track.
  4. NancySyd
    Actually, the other thing that I think can damage natural nails is bad removal - either soaking in remover/acetone instead of using wraps, or overzealous scraping.
  5. geeg

    Damage caused by bad removal does not include soaking as opposed to wraps.

    For gel polish, the reason wraps are recommended is simply to reduce exposure to acetone when removal is so frequent. It is simply prudent and an easy alternative.

    I have removed enhancements safely for nigh on 27 years by soaking in warmed Acetone and never had a single problem from using that method. It is temporarily drying which is overcome by using SolarOil regularly as routine.

    Bad removal is done by picking off product, prising off product, harsh scraping off of product, harsh filing/drilling off of product. Removing with a warm acetone soak off is not bad removal.
  6. NancySyd
    I strongly disagree Geeg. Acetone is a powerful defatter, and excessive and repeated exposure to acetone dries the nail more than temporarily which is damage. You can compensate for that with additional moisturizing with Solar Oil, but it is damage. While you may religiously moisturize, many do not and that creates accumulated damage - especially since people who do not follow the manufacturer's instructions not to soak may also cut corners on other care areas.

    In the context of SOGPs, acetone bowl soaks are damaging. CND Shellac is very clear about not soaking and you can't be certified if you do it. Geleration also warns against it. Such soaking is not in compliance with manufacturers' instructions and is a bad removal.
  7. geeg
    I think I made it clear that I was referring to enhancements and soaking and that wraps were for SOG,s to avoid too much exposure to the dehydrating effects of Acetone.

    I think my post is not ambiguous and that we are on the same page but I have to make it clear that though a dehydrator, the 'damage' from removal with Acetone is only temporary in a similar way to bleaching my hair dehydrates it powerfully, as you put it, but I can condition my hair and at a stroke, minimise that drying affect; so I can natural nails with Solar Oil.

    I am very familiar with all CND protocols for Shellac and every other product they manufacture. But thanks for reiterating them again for others.

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