Exaggerated Flare Nails

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Digital_Couture, Nov 8, 2008.

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    I hear you and you are absolutely right!! It would go against the grain of my personal taste but if I was getting asked for them I would do them for sure ... I wouldn't want anyone to KNOW I was doing them ... but I would do them!! But I don't have to LIKE them!

    I think these nails shout BIG ASS Attitude ... AGGRESSIVE attitude ... LOOK at me attitude ... DON't MESS with me attitude ... I'm BIG and lovin it attitude ... YOU don't like it, you know what you can do about it attitude ... IN YOUR Face ... etc. and I think it is those kind of women with cojones who would ask for them ... not LADIES :lol:.

    Not to mention that if that type of person asked me to do these nails I would be scared to say NO to 'em!! :lol:
  5. nailadee55
    While I'm not a fan of the duck bill, the lip stick or the stiletto, there are some very nice examples of them out there, and I enjoy seeing them. BUT I would never presume the nature of the wearer's personality, or size of their cojones just because they choose to be different. I'm pretty sure that women of all sizes and types have worn them.

    I'm also wondering about the definition of 'Lady' here, I thought it pertained to the way a woman acted, not the type of nails she wears. Granted clothes/nails can make a difference but I believe we've all been taught not to judge a book by it's cover.

    Over here in states, we tend to be a bit more 'showy', I guess, and since the pink and white nail has been the thing for the last 20+ years, I'm finding people are ready for something different, less safe and 'ladylike'. The demand for color, glitter, embellishments, and glitter is what's selling here, and in our depressed economy, whatever it takes to get the client to part with their money is what I'm going to do.
  6. nailzoo
    They are all the rage on Wall Street and you know where Wall Street is taking the world ........

    Is that a flushing sound I hear ?

    If the flare girls told you to stick your head in the oven ......... would you?
  7. Digital_Couture
    Well said Gigi and nailadee55.... And Nailzoo, I'm not putting stock into these nails now am I? I'd just be getting paid, and I don't have to claim my tip.
  8. NailsareaGrlsBF
    SORRY! Here is the Original pictures I sent..... NOT DONE BY ME DONE BY JAMIE...MYSPACE.COM/NAILSBYJAMIE




    Also....I wanted to add that this thread was about How she could not find pictures of FLARED nails and I'm letting her (everyone) View them with out my comments....:wink2:
  9. The Geek
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    The key problem with this shape (apart from it is design-wise mega unflattering) is that it exaggerates the look that beginners naturally get before they develop their application and finishing skills.

    I am not saying that the people doing them cannot create beautiful nails, I am merely pointing out that this design exemplifies the look that beginners get naturally.

    I suppose this would be like scissor marks coming into fashion. A scissor mark is a 'line' in a haircut made when sections of hair are not properly cut and blended together. It is usually left more frequently by beginner hairdressers and usually seen in scissor over comb cuts. They are usually a tell tale sign of a bad haircut like flares are usually a sign of a bad nail job. There may be some people that like them, there may be some great hairdressers that will do them as a design, but more frequently than not, they are simply seen as a bad hair cut.
  10. nailadee55
    OK, after having seen the pix, I've got to say I likethe artwork, I especially like the first three, but now that last one, it's over the top with the shape, that very DRAMATIC shape is not what's being sold most of the time over here by the ones who choose to sell it. I believe there was one tech that posted some like that and we all pretty much decided they resemble horse teeth.

    Luckily, in nails as well as Wall Street, not all of us follow ALL the trends.
  11. stoney
    Beautiful art work yeh but surely they cant be good for the natural nails???

    Small nailbeds, massive tips?????:irked:
  12. geeg
    Let's not loose our sense of humour! I have been having a bit of fun with this so to get too serious would be a mistake.

    I believe that (rightly or wrongly) most people in fact DO make assumptions based on how people appear, how they dress, how their hands and nails are groomed, their hair ... in fact based on everything they see.

    I am an American born and bred and I can state quite categorically that not one person I know would EVER wear nails that looked like these flare things.

    People's nails almost always reflect their personality so I don't think I am presuming too much in making the comments re what these nails tell me about those who choose, I say again, CHOOSE to adopt such a style. Many people wear their nails specifically to make a statement about themselves or to just plain get noticed (which says plenty about the individual as well).

    I once attended a symposium in Las Vegas where we invited many many wearers of wild nail art to tell us why they wore it, what it meant to them and why they thought it was worth the money they spent on it and the resounding answer from over 90% was that they wanted to get noticed ... they wore it specifically to get noticed, that they liked the attention that was focused on them because of it. It wasn't a matter of good grooming to them it was pure and simply attention seeking. I learned allot from that.
  13. 1999judy
    My opinion is TRAILOR PARK TRASH.....but hey if it sells GO FOR IT!!!
    And in 10 years they may come back.....and HAUNT you eh?
    Good luck!!!
  14. redsadie
    I personally don't like the shape of these nails either, jmo :)

    I always wear my nails "loud and proud" :), I like the attention they give me (it also helps to promote my business), I am an extrovert and at the moment I am wearing bright red glitter tips in the lipstick shape with the pinkies in the stiletto. If that doesn't get me noticed nothing will :lol: However, I wouldn't wear the flare just to get noticed, I believe there are nicer, more attractive ways of wearing your nails than this but as 'they' say, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and it wouldn't do for us all to be the same :green:

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  15. grafxgal
    Just a small question and its a question for all not just the quoted, I am just using the quote as an example.
    We here can, and do, do lots of nails that have colour, glitter, embellishments creating something different without creating 'shovels' to hold all the artwork, why is it that the techs doing 'the shovels' cant?
  16. Bev Rose
    Well, I think they are laughable!

    I do however think the nail art on the 2nd pic is lovely, lovely colours and all.

    However, is someone wants to pay me to do these, then I'll do them, but ask them not to say where they had them done ! lol. I'd had to custom blend the nail bed to offer some sort of proportion!
    The last pic must of used up a whole pot of powder just on the whites! I sincerely hope the tech charged the right amount for these!
  17. MINKUS
    the problem is it goes against EVERYTHING we've drilled into our brains about what is 'pleasing' on the eye:green:

    I just couldnt bring myself to do them....i'd rather loose out on the money:smack:
  18. tammysnails
    Just some food for thought.....Last time I checked, was it not supposed to be all about making the client happy? If that is what your client wants then is it not our job to make sure that we know how to do it in a manor that looks good and that we are not ashamed to have our name attached to them? Is it not our clients that are making sure that we have food on our table, roof over our head, clothes to wear, etc.. It may not be our style and that is fine, we all have our own style/personality. Does that make them any less of a LADY, NO! Who are we to decide if they are a lady or not. I think our focus of what our main goal (our clients needs and wants) are being forgotten because of our close minded ways.

    So with that being said lets start this off by saying.....To begin with those nails are a REALLY BAD example of the flared nails. While I am NOT a fan of them at all I have seen some amazing nail tech do them and make them look really good. Those are not good as far as the structure goes.

    Check these to out just for example:
    Myspace.com - Angela (Nail Tech / Glitter Freak) Photo Albums Angela Glitter Freak,
    Her acrylic work in general is just breath taken and the things that girl can do with acrylic are just mind blowing.

    Loving the glitter This is Heatherqt. She does a very classy, well balanced flared.

    Will I provide flair nails for my clients should that be what they are looking for, YES! I will do what ever service my client wants as long as it is legal. If that is what it is going to take to make my client happy and continue to allow me the privilege of being their nail tech. Lets face it, having that client is a privilege and they can go to a million other places to get their nails done. It is my chair that they have chosen and my chair I wish for them to stay.
  19. The Geek
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    Hey Tammy,

    As I was saying on Beautytech, I think some have misinterpreted the 'lady' comment. That aside, I can only comment on the nail in the first link (the other requires a login)...

    To me, it isn't flattering and part of my role as a professional nail tech is to flatter and beautify my clients hands. So far I haven't seen a pic that has made me think anything other than the 'flare' is very unflattering. I am still open to be convinced, I just remain unconvinced at this time.

    Again, I can only think of drawing from my hairdressing experience. I remember when everyone wanted the 'Jennifer' hair cut (remember from Friends? :) ). Some could pull it off brilliantly. Some did not have the face shape or hair to pull it off and those clients left me with a choice: Create something that wouldn't look good, or try and use my training to guide them into a style that would accomplish what they wanted while at the same time flatter them. My choice was the latter. It doesn't make those that would cut it anyway bad, it just made their approach to business different. To me, that was a cool thing about todays society, the customer could choose: A business that would do what you wanted regardless or a professional that would listen to what you wanted and find a way to make it work.

    Different strokes for different folks! :)
  20. nailadee55
    We here can, and do, do lots of nails that have colour, glitter, embellishments creating something different without creating 'shovels' to hold all the artwork, why is it that the techs doing 'the shovels' cant?

    To be quite honest, I've never done a duck bill/pharoh's hat/shovel nail, and I sincerely hope I never get asked. I've been told how to do them so I guess if I had to I could make a decent stab at it. I find I've got plenty of nails to embellish on plain 'ol square nails, with the occasional rounded one thrown in now and then. I wouldn't mind doing a set of stilettos, tho!

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