Harley Davidson Nails

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Nails by Shelley, Feb 4, 2003.

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  1. Nails by Shelley
    Here is a pic. of the harley nail designs I have done. the logo is a whopper to do!!!!! Not a great camera either. Designs reflect too much on that white background, but you can get the general idea!!!!
  2. MichelleAU
    Shelley you are amazing!!! :shock:
  3. Nails by Shelley
    Thank you! You are toooo sweet! I appreciate the kind words!
    Shelley :D
  4. Suzanne R
    Shelly your Harley nails are awesome, love them. Do you ride the mighty hog too?
  5. Nails by Shelley
    Thank you for the nice compliment!!!! Unfortunately no, I don't ride one of these beautiful machines!!! I do hope to someday!!!!! When I get rich in the nail biz!!!! :D
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