Help, gel nails are peeling off

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Miss Manicure, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. Miss Manicure
    Please help me, i am quite new to all this but i have never had a client that has been unhappy with their nails.
    Two days ago i applied gel nail extensions to her nails, that same night she contacted me to say the gel is cracking and starting to peel.
    So today i went round and had to totally redo 5 nails, but tonight she has contacted me again to say they are peeling.
    Can products react in this way due to not reacting well with a certin kind of nail or something?
    As i said i have never had any trouble with anyone else's nails using the same products.
    Please give me your thoughts
  2. MissCullen
    Could be a few things, but you dont say which system you use?
  3. Miss Manicure
    The one i'm on about was the Cuccio T3 Gel x
  4. VHunter
    I would need to know your prep and steps for application before I could try to troubleshoot.
    Could you explain please?
  5. Miss Manicure
    Sanatiser, remove cuticle with cuticle tool, etch, remove dust, sanatise.
    Glue tips, shape (no blend as white tips), remove dust, sanatise
    Primer then apply gel......

    Is that the kinda thing your after? x
  6. VHunter
    Did you not etch the tips?
    Gel will not stick to a shiney surface such as that of an unetched tip.
  7. Miss Manicure
    Ah that makes sense, altho i was never taught to do so in training.
    Must have just been lucky with all my other customers. :lol:
    But she does say it starts to peel near the cuticle x
  8. VHunter
    Where did you do your training???

    I don't see how they can teach you tip and overlay and not cover regards etching the tips. Makes no sense.
  9. Miss Manicure
    Capital hair and beauty :cry:
  10. busybee32
    For gel to "PEEL" off sounds like you haven't built the nail up thick enough. Did you build an apex on the nail or is it a flat nail?
    How old are your gel lamp bulbs? Are you using the recomended lamp for the gel or just a generic one.
    Lamps are important if the gel is designed to work with cuccio gel then thats fine but if it isnt then you are heading into serious problems with uncured product and over exposure.
    Check the sticky thread at the top of the forum for more info about uv lamps and wattage.
    I have to be honest, I haven't used cuccio gel so I am not familiar to the process of that products application.
    But regardless what system you are using you should be using brand specific lamps and tools iykwim.
    How do you apply the gel is it layers? Or do you build an apex into the nail for strength? when filing are you removing too much product.
    It could be a number of things.
    Can you go back to your trainer or ring them for some advise?
    sorry I couldn't have been more help.
    Jen xxxx

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