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Discussion in 'Business' started by sam c, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. sam c
    I've trained with CND 2 years ago, I rent a table space in a local hairdressing salon, but some days I am so quiet I wonder what I am doing sat there waiting for someone to come in, I absolutely love doing nails, I also do waxing but I do not seem to have many clients I work Mobile aswell, can anyone give me any hints or tips on gaining new clients, I do put my price lists in local shops and my prices are very reasonable.:cry:
  2. Eyemunique
    It is really frustrating when you have to sit in your salon with no clients. I am sat today and have so far not had any clients walk through my door, however, my client base is growing.

    I have been in my salon for a year and I still get people saying they hadn't realised I was here.

    My best advice for you, is to sit it out.

    I started an OU degree in something I was interested in so that I can work on that in my salon while I have no clients in. It is great as the time goes quicker, and people think I look busy so they are more inclined to walk through my door because they know they are not going to get the 'hard sell.'

    The thing is, if you start leaving early or take days off, you will miss the phone, or people will perceive you as being closed and use the salon up the road. On Friday, I had one client booked in, all day, but I ended up with 3 clients that day and then two people book appointments for this week.

    Really, just sit it out, don't fall foul of the advertising that doesn't work, if you look at some of the threads on here, loads of people have advertised and found very little success.

    Give your client an amazing treatment and they will talk, offer them a recommend a friend incentive, and they will talk even more. I give my clients a £5 gift voucher for every friend that they recommend, it is really working a treat because the number of vouchers or free treatments they will receive, depends entirely on them.

    I think in this business, word of mouth is the best way to get new clients!

    Hope This Helps
    Natalie :green:
  3. ciara1980
    hi you could arrange with the managment of the hair salon to give all hair clients a special price for a limited time. and make sure you have a price list at all hair stations so the clients can browse while they wait for colour to take ect. also on quieter days like mondays and tues you could offer a free eyebrow wax with all full sets. just an idea , i used to work in a hair and beauty salon and found that all these ideas worked for me .
    hth ciara.
  4. sam c
    I have trained as a nail tech with Creative and I have also done a waxing course, I have been working for myself for 2 years now, I work mobile and I also rent a table space in a local hairdressing salon, but I seem to be quiet, some days I could earn £140 and other days I earn nothing, does anybody have any ideas on how to attract more clients and I am also interested in doing more training preferably nvq level 2 in beauty does anybody know of any part time courses so I can offer a wider variety of treatments, I live in south west wales.
    I'd be grateful if you could share some ideas with me
    Sam C:confused:
  5. Helen Keating
    Hey Hun,

    We have all had the same problems about attracting clients and it all depends on the area your in and the demand... i cant help you with the NVQ beauty but i think contacting your local college ..depending on your income you may get free funding.. about gaining new clients.. i do not like to advertise but i do like to raise money for charity... your local paper will support you on this and so will your local radio station.... organise an event that you charge nothing for " try to get sponsored for your products" i did one in a local wine bar that is very bust they asked for nothing gave me an area ... as it was "a wait your turn idea" people bought drinks as they waited so the bar made money and i made new clients... also i did the owners nails and the barstaff prior too the event for free.. HTH... pls let me know.
  6. pippadoodle
  7. geeg
    When you are working from someone else's salon, their reputation is your reputation.

    So I hope you are in a busy up market salon that has a great reputation and you should get lots and lots of clients.

    You should not only try to get all your friends into this hair salon for their hair but they should also cross promote your services.
  8. Jaydee
    If your in a reputable hair salon that has clients coming through the door then you have your client base sitting there waiting for you to convert them. Instead of sitting at your desk, go and talk to the clients, offer them a complimentary nail consultation.......most clients will give you an cuticles, weak nails, work from. Give them your honest professional advice and what the treatment you would recommend and using what products.......clients will either go for your treatment straight away or you can always leave them with your price list and and special offer cards you are doing. A seed is all that needs planting to let a client know you're some point they will make that appointment with you whether it be enhanced nails or a mani or pedi whilst their hair is being coloured, styled.....etc.
  9. Movida
    I also live in south wales and am looking to train to nvq level 2 beauty therapy, I phoned swansea college the other day and they advised me the new prospectus will be out 3rd week in may so i should call back then or enquire online.

    where in south wales do you live?

  10. ~Emmsybabes~
    Just a thought here too hun,
    Why not consider instead of giving clients money off as incentives,
    Why not consider something along the lines of...creating an enamel collection of popular colours,
    then giving them a free enamel for every friend recommended, giving them the chance to complete the collection...
    Something like that....People like FREE !

    Also this may not be of much use to you I don't know your feelings on the following,
    But Mrs geek once said to me...Keep thinking positive...wake up thinking " today my phone will ring..or a client will walk in" etc.....
    And good things will begin to happen.....

    I tried and its working so far :lol:
  11. PeepPaws

    I rent space in a salon the same as you. When it's quiet I go and chat to the clients having hair treatments and offer complimentory treatment. Only a mini manicure. It's worked well so far. As you are working, you are chatting and they are telling you all about their hands/feet/nails.
    I am adding to my client base by doing this. Mine's still growing slowly, but it is picking up.
    It take's time and word of mouth to get's doesn't hurt to push it along a bit by offering little services that gets people talking and coming to you.
    Good Luck xxxx
  12. Bagpuss
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  13. sarahpoppy24
    What about printing up some business cards and leflets and doing a leafet drop in your area put signs up in the local shop post office pub etc.. do your friends nails at a reduced rate and then friends of friends etc will come..ive actualy been offerd a job by a salon owner who saw a friends hair I did!! Get yourself out there even if it means promoting youerself in your free time!!!Good luck!!!:hug:
  14. Blue Rose
    As we've been discussing competitions/prize draws in this thread why not run a competition for the hairdressing clients?

    You could have your main winner who could say have a set of nails done - if she likes them she's more likely to become a regular client by having infills etc done :).

    You could then perhaps offer some of the other entries an incentive to book in with you eg a free eyebrow or 1/2 leg with a full set of extensions booked: a 1/2 price maintenance treatment if they come back within a certain time frame......

    It's easier to offer incentives the more treatments you do but that should give you food for thought to come up with your own ideas.

    Don't forget as well that clients lead busy lives so instead of waiting for them to come to you, you have to go to them. By that I mean, don't just sit there, get proactive in getting the clients.

    On a quiet day, perhaps you could get a friend or family member to come in and get their nails done. It will make you look busy, & you'll probably find that the busier you are, the busier you become. Look at restaurants - how many of us want to go into an empty one? we'd much rather go into a busy one.

    Good luck with it all :hug:

    By the way, I've been open over 16 years and clients still don't know we exist - and we're on a busy road! I think clients must go round with blinkers on :)
  15. sam c
    I live in Carmarthenshire, where in South Wales do you live?:)
  16. ozziemag
    Hair Salon must have a good clientelle base? You can attract the Hair clients by posting signs around the salon. A great place would be where the clients sit to get colour or where the hair dryers are or the waiting area. Make up pamphlets that Market your services with a catch phrase.
    Eg. Great hair! Spectacular Nails!
    Book Today with (Name), Nail Artist!
    Acrylic/Gel Nails
    --Add Pictures of Services you offer. That way they get a visual.

    For Any special promotions do the same
    Eg. Sandal Season is Here! Pretty Toes to stay!
    Permanent French Gel toes that lasts 4-6 weeks.
    Add picure
    Book with (name) Today!

    You will win over the Hair clientelle.

    Also, you could mail out flyers to the area residents that you work around. That works too. Every one glances at the mail..if interested they will read on. REMEMBER you need to have a catch phrase to make them read on. Add a coupon..Maybe you and the salon owner can go in on the flyer together; that way both will benifit...Just a thought
  17. hippy-chick
    all good advice, as per usual.

    I work in a room above a hairdressers, and their is no room for me to do freebies on the shop floor. but, I have all my information on the reception desk and put the monthly special offers on postcards from vistaprint and one of those goes on the wall behind reception.

    I offer the hairdressers the odd free treatment and they know that I am doing it for 3 reasons,

    1. to give them product awareness, if they know what a treatment is like then they can comment on it, and

    2. that they (hopefully) infuse about it and are more likely to recommend me.

    3. to show my appreciation for the help that they give me.

    I do monthly specials and get postcards made up, I sometimes put these on the hair stations.

    I linger downstairs when I'm not busy and this encourages the hairdressers to include me in conversations. They often call me over to tell one of the clients about a certain treatment.

    Regarding advertising:
    I have done leaflet drops and won't bother doing them again, simply due to the fact that we have professional leaflet droppers come around our way weekly and it is starting to annoy people.

    I put the special offer postcards in all of the local shops.

    I have also started sending out email newsletters with incentives for people to book and recommend me.

    I used to live in Mid Wales and went to school in Brecon! My sisters live near Swansea.
  18. Movida
    I live in swansea.
  19. champagne
    Do the dressers nails and maybe you could offer a 1 nail manicure to clients who are having their hair done ie: when waiting for colour etc

    I was in the dressers that im going to be working in yesterday having my hair done, and 3people took leaflets from the hair stations.

    I have advertisements on all of the mirrors and a pile of price lists on each dressers station, the dressers are also showing clients the nail room. I also have a A-board on order for outside the shop.

    Champagne x
  20. slhallford
    This week, I followed the advice of my CND ambassador and offered a free 5 minute hand massage with a lovely Scentsations lotion while our hair clients were processing. It was a HUGE success. The clients felt valued and pampered not just by me, but by our whole salon. I gained 5 repeat clients and several immediate services with it. It was amazing and it took such a little bit of effort for such a large reward. I highly recommend it.


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