How do I use a fan-shaped art brush?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Vlinder, Jul 15, 2006.

  1. Vlinder
    Hi all,
    I am just wondering if you could tell me what its for & how to use the fan shaped nail art brush????
  2. kaznails
    I think its for blending and feathering effects
    for example you apply a stripe of paint to one side...then while still wet you pull the brush across it towards the other side and it sort of makes a feathery effect as it drags it..(hope that makes sense I`m rubbish at explaining things :eek: )
    I might be totally wrong though and it might be for something a bit more sophisticated:)
    I think I have 3 of these brushes in my nail desk and have never used them!!!
  3. Vlinder
    Thanks for that Kaz:hug: enjoy ur weekend
  4. nail-chick
    it's for a feathery effect.
    on my site of have at least one examples. you can do so much with this thing!
    in holidays, look under 4th of july, first line second in.

    try all colors for different effects!


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