How long does polish take to dry?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by harlsdiesel2, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. harlsdiesel2
    Hi girls! How long does normal polish really take to dry? It's driving me mad!! By the time I've done my base and top coat plus 2 coats of polish that's 4 coats! I've had clients say it takes at least a couple of hours to dry properly can I do anything to speed it up?I'm using opi,thinking of doing gels or something as they keep getting smudged all the time.
  2. unas escarlata
    too long

    switch them to shellac instead - ZERO dry time!!
  3. Noodle
    Staff Member
    Nail polish does take a fair while to dry properly, and the need to be patient is a great one.

    You may wish to give consider additional training to enable you to add gel polishes (Shellac, Geleration, Gelish etc) or gels (Bio Sculpture, Brisa, Gel-It etc) to your nail service at some point in the future, as they dry instantly.

    Hope that helps.
  4. Dolly6410
    what do you say to clients who smudge their nails? i dont mind one off accidents, but i have people who will constantly, and i mean atleast 3 times or more in one sitting, smudge their nails, and its never 'fixable', its always a remove and start again, if i dont have a client after then not a problem, but most of the time i do, and i dont want to leave people with smudged nails. i ask them to sit with their hands on the table and not move but some how they still manage to do it! all over my towels, on the table, on the chair, on their clothes.... i'm getting really impatient and the clients i am talking about are 70+ so i don't want to be rude. i've told them all about gel polish but alot of them are in and out of hospital so not really practical.
  5. gr8nailz
    It can take as long as 8 hours for polish to dry completely, especially if it's a red. It all depends on your base and top coats and your application.
  6. Beauti-listics
    You can buy shellac, gelicure, gellish, gelac, geleration without aditional training. Just a manicure certificate??? xx
  7. Noodle
    Staff Member
    You're right so far as the gel polishes are concerned .. perhaps I should have worded my post better though, since training is of course required for the majority of soak-off and buff-off gel systems.
  8. HWilliams
    I was taught 20 mins touch dry, 2 hours to set but allow anywhere up to 24 hours to be completely dry...
  9. gr8nailz

    I've heard this, too...still wrinkle prone.
  10. Beauti-listics
    We were also taught this! xx
  11. marion
    I have another nail table with a uv lamp and blower in it. I put on the base and one colour, then let the client sit for 5-10 mins under the lamp. Then I apply the next layer and put under lamp for another 5 min then apply top coat. Then leave the nails under lamp for 10-15 min. It works well because it keeps the client still for a good while
    This also allows me to have the next client sitting at my main table with cuticle eraser on, ready for prep
  12. Mollysmanicure
    U should try lumos base and top coat, it really is fantastic, it drys quicker, keeps a brilliant shine and I think it's making my polish last longer also. :) well worth a try if ur getting frustrated! X
  13. Christy.
    China glaze freeze dry! Wait a few mins then all good to go x
  14. MissMG
    If you want to dry polish faster....use Lumos base and top coat. I can set a timer for 10 mins after last coat and when the timer goes off the nails are dry...totally 100%!! It's amazing stuff.

    If you don't want to buy anything extra, try putting your polish in the fridge or freezer and see how fast it drys on your nails then!
  15. cheekychick
    I use seche vite quick dry top coat. Not had any smudges so far, been using it for about 3 months now and love it.x
  16. VHunter
    Use LUMOS!! 12min dry time, maximum.
    Nothing else beats it, and I've tried LOTS.

    That, or use Shellac.

  17. picchi
    I also use Seche Vite and love it so darn much. I have been using it for around 6 months, it dries everything in a flash, makes my manis last longer and it has such a wonderful wet looking shine.

    I have never used Lumos but I would love to compare the two.

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