Keratin Granulations seen on nails

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Kay@Croft, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. Kay@Croft
    I am an OPI trained Nail Tech and have been using Axxium Soak off gel since it was introduced and since October 2010 using Gelish too. I have noticed on a couple of clients when soaking off the gel polish they have white chalky patches on nails (mainly toes). At first I was horrified and thought it was nail fungal infection but after consulting a chiropodist it has been ruled out - google has led me to images of something called "Keratin Granulations" which can be confused with fungal infection but is in fact caused by a reaction to nail polish or nail polish remover. For the life of me I can't find any articles on how to "cure" this problem.

    Has anyone come across it and what is the solution?
  2. Envy
    it's a common occurance for 'overly dehydrated' nails...

    apply some good cuticle oil that can penetrate the nail plate and you will find it will return to normal within a few minutes to few hours. Nothing at all to worry about.

  3. Kay@Croft
    That's excellent news thank you I've not come across it before but its tending to happen in the more "mature" client. Makes sense now.
  4. AmeliaR
    Make sure ur client uses a good cuticle oil daily and this should also help stop it x

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