New house with outside space for beauty room

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Leanne Masson, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. Leanne Masson
    Hi all..I am looking for some advice/help/tips
    I am currently self employed and have worked from our spare room as a 'home salon' offering all beauty treatments for 5 years, We are moving to a bigger house with outside space and I hope to build a summer house/log cabin so that I can keep work separate from my home life :)
    I am just wondering what sizes are a suitable size, I don't want it to feel to cramped as I hope to keep all my beauty stock etc in it.
    I am also hoping to have a separate section to have as a 'tan room' and hope to wet all the shower sized room so it's easily cleaned. any tips on this?
    And finally heating/electricity/ water advice will be greatly appreciated :)
    Thanks in advance...from a stressed therapist haha xx
  2. Subo
    I' looking to do exactly the same as this. Im scared to get the ball rolling because I don't even know where to start. Im assuming once the summer house is up you get an electrition in to do his bit? Iv designed it how I want it (with space for a hot tub too) but I'm putting off pursuing it at the moment. Would love to hear from people who have gone down this road
  3. Eloise86
    I’ve just opened my garden studio in april this year, seems to be going really well. The reason I think mine has done well is I have spent a lot of money on quality materials for the structure and it is a salon with a kitchenette and toilette done to a very high standard. Better than a lot of town salons, I didn’t want ppl to feel like they were coming to a glorified shed in my garden. I don’t think that would of worked. Check out my salon on my partners Facebook page “Essex garden studios”. It has cost me a lot of money but I was paying 13500 a year to rent a chair in my local town so in 3 years it would of paid for itself xx
  4. Eloise86
    And yes you will need to use a certified electrician as it’s illegal to not do so. You pay peanuts you get monkeys and will void your insurance. It’s also worth mentioning you will need to check with your local planning authority regarding running a business from home, and my house insurance wasn’t keen and upped my monthly fees too xx

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