Shellac peeling off?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by eden_beauty, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. eden_beauty
    Well it seems i could well be right about the duff bottles of shellac....after the iced cappuccino incident with my client on Monday i went over to see my mums nails and one of them came clean flipped up from free edge and then could be peeled right off whole!

    I am abit annoyed now to be honest because this same thing happened with a nail i put on myself (it was rose bud) and a few days in i could peel the whole thing off....should this be able to happen??

    At first i though maybe it was on too thickly but i didn't even put it on i'm starting to think that maybe just maybe the lamp is faulty?? at the moment i have wildfire on my nails and i did them saturday and although they look okay they certainly don't still look flawless, i find the bit near the cuticle starts to go bitty and the free edge bit also seems to go alittle even though i tried my best to cap....what am i doing wrong??

    Could it be the bottles or the lamp? I am worried because i have a lady coming today and 2 on friday and we promise 2 week flawless finish bla bla....HELP : 0
  2. DinkyPinky
    I didn't have any of the problems that you are describing but my first few applications were not perfect i.e. capping the free edge with each layer and ensuring the top coat completely covers the colour coats. Take your time, don't rush it, prep thoroughly, apply each layer thinly and ensure total coverage wth each layer. Just sounds like you need a little more practise. xx
  3. mini4mum
    Hi if it helps I have had similar problems with one particular client only! she has really badly knocked nails and the free edges curves over. I too have tried my best and taken my time to make it perfect but last time one nail came off within 48 hours so I reapplied. As far as I am aware its ok as I havent heard from her. Hope that helps.
  4. naturalnails
    I have worn Shellac on my own nails since it was launched in May and yes on occasion I have been able to peel it off, but it has been an effort, it hasnt just come off by itself.

    I think you would benefit from going to see an educator so they can see your application technique.

    From what I understand you haven't any experience of gel technology and I think this is where your problems lie.

    Working with any new product needs time and practice and being shown how to use it.

    You may think that you are not making it thick, but you may be - what you might think is thin, may not be as thin as you think. Hope that makes sense.

    We all jump to blame our tools when it may not always be our tools.
    Are you giving the aftercare advice? Maybe something was used/done that wasnt supposed to?
    I would tell your clients you will get up to 2 weeks out of your fingers providing correct aftercare is followed.
    How about having a shellac manicure done at your nearest salon & see how they do it, what they do, what they say, etc.
    Are you using the CND lamp for shellac?
  6. eden_beauty
    Hi Ladies Yes i am using the cnd lamp.....I have also done a gel/fibreglass/silk course so i do know a little about gel but i did not continue with it after the course finished. I did not know there was any aftercare advice to be followed or prep as i didn't have a class on how to do shellac but i don't know why they do not send info with your order as everybody makes it sound like as long as you know how to do manicure you'll be fine......i thought this was the case and have never been advised anything about what to tell people after etc???? Wwhat is the prep? with gel i thought it was file nails and rub nail plate with acetone to dehydrate so the product will stick?? i didn't know there was anything else....after that i would base coat curing for 10 secs then apply colour cure 2 mins, another colour coat 2 mins and then top coat 2 mins??

    BINGO! :)
    This could be where you are going wrong.
    There is loads of infomation on here & cnd website & sweet squared about application etc.
    Gigi has done some tutorials & step-by-step as well which I got printed off.
    It would be really handy to do a "Shellac Attack" day at your nearest cnd center. Failing that read everything on here.
    If you can do a manicure, you can do Shellac!
    I only know what I know through reading EVERY single Shellac thread on here & by reading everything on the Shellac Lovers group.
    It is called a "PEP" without the "R" (as you do not remove the shine)- you need to do a dry prep, cuticle tidy with cuticle away, remove with water, then scrub fresh, then apply Shellac, do not buff the nails.
    Hope that helps x:hug:x
  8. eden_beauty
    i too printed geeg tutorial and have been using that. but i didnt notice much about nail prep and i didn't think there was any that had to be done...i'll have a search thanks.lisa
  9. geeg
    It is all here for you right on this site. :hug:

    Here are a couple of questions to consider:

    1. Do you think that after heaps of money spent on R&D and 5 years of testing in the field that Shellac CND would have released Shellac if peeling were a normal thing?

    2. Do you think half the world would be raving about Shellac and how long it lasts and how great it has been for their business if peeling were a normal thing?

    3. Would you expect any nail coating to last on a natural nail if no preparation of the surface was done first?

    So shall we agree that if you are seeing peeling it is NOT normal and there must be a reason for it, before it gets the thumbs down?
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  10. MaisyMouse
    Sorry to jump in on this thread, but just a quick shellac question. I had a client today and I did a dry PEP the scrubed the nails with scrub fresh. Then applied the base coat (thinly), cured for 10 secs.

    When I applied th first coat of colour (red Baroness) it was not sticking (for want of a better description) to the outer edges of the nails. As if there was oil at the edges. Please can someone tell me what i have done wrong for this to happen?

    Thank you
  11. geeg
    Did you apply beyond the base coat?
    Did you shake the bottle for 30 seconds to thoroughly mix?
    Was it not sticking AFTER curing? -- How did you know it was not sticking?

    Here is how I apply.

    NIce thin layer of base coat as close to the skin as possible without touching. 10 secs
    Colour applied nice and thin but not all the way to the edge of the base coat. 2 mins
    2nd coat of colour applied just inside the edge of the first coat of colour. 2 mins
    Top coat applied all the way to the edge of the base coat. 2 mins

    This way all the colour is encapsulated between the top and the base coat .... JUST LIKE A GOOD MANICURIST APPLIES POLISH. Trouble is most nail techs do not know how to apply polish well .. and they are the ones that are having the trouble as they have never been taught. Can you picture in your mind how the first 3 layers go on in steps? then the top coat covers all?
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  12. MaisyMouse
    No I applied onto the basecoat .

    I shook the bottle well I think.

    It looked like it was running away from the edges- if you understand what I mean. It couldnt be the acetone in the scrubfresh could it?
  13. geeg
    Actually I don't .. do you mean receeding back from the edges or running into the skin?

    Only if there was still wet ScrubFresh in the nail folds would it affect. Nails should be completely dry. If ScrubFresh affected Shellac we wouldn't be using it. ScrubFresh is the approved nail prep for Shellac But all the same rules apply .. nails must be DRY .. free of moisture ... damp pad only not a wet pad.
  14. MaisyMouse
    Its hard to explain, it was like there was oil at the sides, and only at the sides and the colout was receeding back from the edges.

    I havent had this before with any other application of Shellac. So I cant work out what i have done for this to happen.

    might the very sides of her nails not cured? Im just trying to find an explination for this?

    When I put the second coat of colour on it covered it, but am worried whats going to happen to it over the next week:irked:
  15. geeg
    I don't see why it wouldn't have cured. The nail was probably still wet in the edges which can happen. I would say, use a damp pad only and never wet.

    The folds of skin can act like guttering and hold the liquid if you use too much and not be dry when you are ready to paint. I wouldn't worry until you get a call and as long as you didn't say anything at the time, you probably wont. If you alerted the client then you probably will.
  16. MaisyMouse
    Thank you. I never say anything to my clients at the time! Just worry about it for the the next few days, dreading a call.

    they looked good when she left so fingers crossed.

    Thanks again:)
  17. eden_beauty
    Here is how I apply.

    NIce thin layer of base coat as close to the skin as possible without touching. 10 secs
    Colour applied nice and thin but not all the way to the edge of the base coat. 2 mins
    2nd coat of colour applied just inside the edge of the first coat of colour. 2 mins
    Top coat applied all the way to the edge of the base coat. 2 mins

    Hi Geeg - What do you mean when you say apply colour but not all the way to the base coat and then 2nd coat of colour just inside the edge of the first coat of colour??

    I thought all coats of shellac had to be to the edge close to the might be because its late but this doesnt make sense?

  18. katiebbaby
    So your colour is sandwiched between base and top, the base is on the nail plate then the first colour is ontop of base but not sealed where the base is sealed then second colour coat is ontop of the 1st coat and sealed just before and tiny amount so the edges are sealed ontop of one coat and not 4 layers all sealed at same point, if I make sense :lol: I know what I mean but hard to explain. xx
  19. Bezza
    Maisy mouse

    I have had tis problem before and have found it was because I had applied the base coat too thickly. I have found that the thinner th better, literally just a sticky coating of base works for me!!! As Geeg and the others say, thin to win!!
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  20. katiebbaby
    Think of making a sandwich you get a slice of bread and butter it but leave a small gap all around, then add slice of ham then add mayo then another slice bread , the top and bottom slices of bread meet and the filling stays nice and fresh on the inside istead of overfilling and all the filling is falling out over the edges and exposing the inside of the sandwich :eek::eek: Think its time for bed me thinks:lol:

    BTW I make lovely sandwiches lol:lol:

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