Speeding ticket and 3 points

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by marie111, Sep 5, 2005.

  1. marie111
    i've just received a speeding ticket and 3 points added to my license.
    How long will these three points be on my license? Will this bump up my insurance?
  2. NoticeableNails
    I think it will effect your insurance. The points stay on your license for 3 yrs I think, but when you fill out your info for an insurance quote they ask if you have had any convictions in the last 5yrs!
    You naughty thing!
  3. marie111
    What a bummer eh!
    I've been driving for 19 years and thought I'd done excellent up to now, no crashes, no tickets.
  4. ValencianNails
    unfortunately Marie if you have convictions, endorsements or bans on your licence this affects the risk, which will have a knock on effect on your premium but having said that... the last time I got car insurance in the UK and told them about my husbands speeding points they said it wouldn't affect the premium, they look at your driving history, age etc and make an assessment on how likely it is that you will have an accident.
  5. louge
    Although the points will stay on your licence for 5 years in total, after 3 years you can send your licence to the DVLA who will take them off the paper copy of the licence. Hope that makes sense.
    Is it the first time you have had a speeding fine? If so most insurance companies are quite leanient for the first 3 as most people have them...usually from mobile speed traps.
  6. Rose143
    I really feel for you hun because my boyfriend got a speeding fine for going 32 in a 30 zone, 3 points and £60.00 to pay not to mention the major rise in his insurance payments!!!

  7. marie111
    I got caught I have to pay the price.
    It'll teach me to be more careful next time.
    I got £60.00 and 3 points.
  8. Jen Smith
    I got 3 points and fine for going 7mph over the limit last year, first time ever I have had points on my license in 23 years. When I spoke to my insurance company, they said 3 points wont affect my premium even though it was for speeding. However, if I get another 3 points then the premium will shoot up. So even though I have got the points my insurance this year was not affected.
  9. caz3
    Hubby gor fine and 3 points just over 2 years ago now been driving 23 years never had this before. He was only going 3mph over!!!! he was caught on camera.

    We changed one of our cars just after that and got new insurance and had to tell them about the points.

    We were charged a little extra but nothing that we would notice!!!!! I am sure you will be ok.

    Caz xxx
  10. Jaffacake
    It depends on what insurance company you are with - some dont load for one Speeding, others will.... It will only affect you when your policy comes up for renewal but I would tell them now just so that they have it on record, you might forget all about it when the renewal comes around, or if you have an accident they might want to see a copy of your licence. I work in insurance, dont worry about it, its no big deal, honest x
  11. FrancescaP
    Back when I was doing criminal law we learnt about a defence called "automotism". An example would be if you killed someone whilst you were sleep walking...you would use automotism as your defence. I remember we had a long discussion about different ways in which you could become an automoton and we all decided (the prof. included) that when you sneeze you are not in control. If I ever got done for speeding by one of those speed cameras in town I would say that I sneezed and my foot slipped...how naughty! :biggrin:

  12. Jen Smith
    Nice one Fran ... any other little pearly tip bits on how to get around the law? LOL!! - its just nice to be one step ahead sometimes huh!

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