Spray tan for redhead?

Discussion in 'Skin' started by noodles, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. noodles
    I'd really like to get a spray tan done (have never had one before), but being a redhead and very fair skinned anyway, I'm really worried I'll come out too dark / orange and look really obviously fake!!! Do you think I would be ok?
  2. Jen Smith
    Its fine to spray tan fair haired, red haired people as long as they go for a very low %DHA... ie 5 or 6% maximum. Ask the salon before booking in if they have a low %solution and if they say 8 upwards then you may get a tan that is too dark for your skin.

    How do you tan in the natural sun? If you never tan just burn and don't go brown.. then definitely find a salon that offers the lower %'s for you.

    The solution I use has a 5% DHA... I think some of the others on the market today offer a similar low % solution too.

    PM me if I can be any further help. :hug:
  3. Gelly
    My mum has strawberry blonde hair and very fair skin - looks at sun and burns kind of fair!

    I use Couture's - Romantic Glow 8% on her and it looks very very natural.

    I'm sure if you call Couture, they could give you the number of your nearest Couture spray tech. 01908 282814
  4. Zingara
    A solution with both DHA and Erythrulose in it is particularly suited to Redheads. The combination of the two tanning ingredients gives a better depth of colour for fairer skins, as the Erythrulose adds a softer level of warmth to the tones provided by the DHA.

    The orange look comes from using too much or too darker solution, so opt for a light good quality solution, and you won't have any problems. I have several clients with reddish tones, from Strawberry blonde right the way through to full on redhead and they always look great!
  5. Gelly
    Just checked the bottle and Couture R.G 8% does have both ingredients.

    Thanks for that diamond of info Lynds!
  6. emerald
    I tan a red headed client and I use sienna x 8% it turns out a lovely colour on her. As long as the correct % is used you should be fine and not orange
  7. Misswax
    My daughter is very pale skinned and I used 5% Tantrick and all her friends commented on how well she looked and how natural she looked. Next time I tanned her I used 8% and although she looked ok it wasn't as subtle, so it depends on what look you want.
  8. collin
    When dealing with fair or freckled skin types it is wise to follow the "less is more" routine ,always choose a lower DHA % mix or utilise solutions specifically developed for these skin tones.

    When considering which % to use a wise thought process is in fact to go a lower percentage..spray and evaluate the results together with the customer and then adjust as needs be ...

    It is far better to increase the % dosage on the next spray than to turn out someone who simply wears a tan that doesnt match their skin type.

    I totally agree with Zingara....this orange effect we hear so much about has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with a specific brands liquid but due to a DHA overload through far to much solution being applied or to high a % used for the individuals skin type.

    The % DHA quoted by manufacturers is of course relating to the DHA they specifically use....and therefore is very much linked to the grade of DHA that is used in the blending process....I.E. a "pure" concentrate DHA of say an 8% mix is equal to say a 10% DHA blend using either a cheaper pure DHA or a synthetic one from China.

    It therefore follows that comparing say 8% from two different brands simply is inappropriate and meaningless.

    You need to get to know the liquid you use and how it reacts with your customers specific skin type.

    This can only come through adequate training ongoing usage and experimentation.

    During this process adopt the "less is more" theory and you will find the route to optimum outcome far easier to attain.

    Get to know the solution you use ..ask your supplier as many times as needed so that you get the best results as possible from the product you use :hug:
  9. loubylou
    I have quite a few red haired and blond haired clients and i use the 5% or the essence of summer on them and they always look great hth
  10. redsadie
    Just out of interest, what % are the EOS and the AG?
  11. Jen Smith
    EoS is around 8.5% and AG is similar to a 10%
  12. noodles
    Thanks for all the advice, I think I'm going to go for it after pay day. Might find a mobile therapist though rather than going to a salon x
  13. redsadie
    Thanks for that Jen, I thought as much. I think they're yummy smelling, but a friend of mine thought the AG smelt like a nightclub toilet that's been covered in sick! Nice!

    Each to their own, huh?!

  14. collin
    This is correct however the base colourant in EOS is somewhat lighter than the AG....therefore whilst the same hybrid solution the EOS is suitable for fair to medium skin types whilst AG takes over from medium to olive skin tones.
    Hoping this helps :hug:
  15. redsadie
    That does help Collin, thank you :). I'm assuming then that you would get the client in and take a look at them before you decide which solution to use.

  16. sam28
    lol !:lol: We dont have posh nightclub toilets in west yorkshire unfortunately xx
  17. redsadie
    :green: lol! Neither do we!

  18. tonilee
    I use Sienna Xs 8% on my paler skinned clients, it gives a lovely healthly natural glow look to the skin.:green:
  19. Jaffacake
    I use Sienna X's 8.5% and it still looks lovely and natural on redheads :green:

    To answer your question Redsadie, yes, you would look at the client and decide what solution you think would be most suitable for their skin type, also asking them questions about how they tan naturally to pick the perfect solution % to match their skin type. This is why when tanning mobile you need to take all the different % of solution as you dont know what you will find when you arrive :lol:
  20. tonilee
    BTW the Boots organic bags are fab for carrying solutions about in and they have gorgeous written on them!!!:green:

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