Victoria Beckhams nails

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Root, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. Root
    I wonder who does Victoria Beckhams nails? They always look so perfect, I'd love to have a good inspection of them. Do you reckon she has permanent french l&p?
  2. ADiva1
    I think whoever does her nails uses Creative, dont know where she gets them done though. She's got no probs about maintenance every 2 weeks AND she does not do alot to ruin them!
  3. lancslass
    i did know the name of the person and i know where every vic is she flys the tech to her to have her nails done and i think she gives her about £300 ...................lucky sod ,,it was in a mag a while ago
  4. smiler13334
    Victoria's nails do look lovely, she takes a pride in her appearance which is cool!
  5. IllumeGirl
    i love her nails! she has the best style but she really does need some food and a smile on her face. maybe its having to hear davids voice???
  6. extensionten
    yeah but you would switch off from the voice wouldn't you! he has one or two other things you could focus on!!;)

    Oh, and on the nail front, whoever does her nail is a very lucky lady/man!! don't you think.... imagin, just one or two clients like that each week..... ahhhhhhhhhhhh yeah dream on!:sad:
  7. geeg
    Don't be so sure.

    I am very close to the technician who did VB nails for 3 years.
    VB is a horrendous nail biter.
    Yes, the nail tech flew to her every 2 weeks and at the time charged 250.
    VB said she thought it was too much. My friend said, "I will not work for less as it is a whole day out of the salon." So VB arranged for the tech to also do her mum and sister to share the cost.
    My friend was not allowed to tell anyone she did VB nails and had to sign an agreement to that effect.
    My friend was also a major factor in VB getting all her clothes and memorabilia back when they were stolen from a BA flight several years ago. VB never even offered her a reward ... ziltch .... altho BA awarded VB 50,000 AND she got her stuff back.
    VB does mention my friend by name in her book but that is all.
    My friend does say that David is lovely and makes a mean Shepherds Pie!!
  8. izzidoll
    Reading this makes you wonder if it would actually be worth it to be her nail tech.....
    BUT, actually I still think it would....her nails are always admired! I think it must give a nail tech great satisfaction to know that all over the western world people are looking at pictures of Victoria Beckham and saying her nails look gorgeous....and be able to think .....I did them!

    I remember years ago in a Hello magazine VB's nails looked awful she was an obvious biter and had had white tips put on...AND you could actually see hot spots on her nail beds where they had been overfiled!!....
    After that she must have started going to your friend they now look gorgeous, and I suspect from a recent picture I saw she now has a custom colour blend to elongate her nail bed.....beautiful......
  9. mandy121060
    I think some people have problems with FAME going to their heads, as with VB.
    We should rename her ''Stuck-up Spice''
    Have you seen the poses in front of the camera she nearly swops legs over. Hee hee
    David on the other hand seems just the way he is normal, its her that dresses him up and fluffs around him. Thats what I think, I may be wrong, but he don't put on heirs and graces.
  10. talented talons
    I know it would be nice to do someone famous's nails, but then they would expect alot for their money and i expect wouldn't appreciatte what you do, quite the same as jo public do. ( although sometimes they don't

    I am determined to get myself known in this industry so one day i will be able to offer great nails to all the stars. ( well if you don't reach for the stars.......):lol:
  11. perfect ten
    i would love to do famous people :zzz: but i don't have the patience to take **** from anyone so all my down to earth working-class costumers are all i could handle right now
  12. vicxzy

    I remember seeing her nails when they were like that and I once saw a pic from her spice girl days when she had what looked like cheap stick ons!
    They look gorgeous now though :)
  13. tilly
    Do you guys know of Emily Symons she played Maryln in Home & Away and was doing the phantomines in England, I used to do her nails ( shes not a big superstar ) but she was a real pleasure to do
  14. wendyrose
    isnt she in emerdale now?
  15. Cuttie_Pie
    as hu?
  16. NatalieJ
    Yes I know her, I saw her in Pantomime once and she's in emmerdale now. She does come across as being really nice!
  17. jess124
    She plays Louise the lady who runs the Woolpack, not that I spend half my time watching soaps, of course, honest....
  18. mandy121060
    I think she is really nice, so is she that nice in real time too.
    I would like to just do anyones nails and do then really nice. Famous or not!!!!Hee hee
  19. jee-nails
    She plays Louise behind the bar.
  20. Bagpuss
    Old thread i know todays mail magazine "YOU" there is a piece from her book "that extra half an inch".....and in there she says how she now has her nails done by a Vietnamese guy in north london....!!!!!....she says he is so cheep and alot better than the overly hyped other people she has seen....and that his work lasts much longer.......Mmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!

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