What is the best brand to use for acrylic?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Lauren04, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. Lauren04
    Hey geeks! In need of your help, what is the best brand to use for acrylic nails? & where to get it from? Im a beginner and after a year of being ill I plan to get my life back on track asap! so if you could I help I would appreciate it! Thank you xx
  2. Metamorfosis
    Hi, your profile says you aren't trained or training in any aspect of nails - with all due respect this is a forum for professionals or those working towards qualifications in the industry, if you fill out your profile a bit more we may be able to help you x
  3. Lauren04
    And the reason I'm not training at the moment is I'm still in the process of getting better after a year out being ill. And ok this forum may be for professionals but I hope to be that one day! And as soon as I'm fully better I intend on joining a course and getting my life back on track. I was just asking for advice off professionals on this forum as I am looking forward to training.
  4. brightbeauty
    Hi Lauren, after such a long time being unwell it must be great to start making plans for your future. It's going to be an exciting journey choosing your nail course and which product brand to go for, there's plenty to choose from and I imagine you must be feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the different ways you can go forward, don't worry though you'll be fine. Can I ask what made you decide to do nails? And have you ever done any beauty related courses? I've been in the industry for 11 years now and I still love it, still learning everyday and I still do research all the time to keep up to date with new treatments and products. Nails is my dearest passion and even now after all these years I still get super excited when I have a delivery or there's new products out to try lol like a 5 year old at Christmas. Do you want to specialise in gel or liquid and powder or fibreglass or do you want to learn everything there is to know about nails? Maybe I can give you a few ideas where to start.
  5. Metamorfosis

    You could've filled out your profile with that information, when I looked it said you were not training nor did you intend to train - hence my reply. I'd look at brands like CND & NSI if I were you, highe end rather than low end cheap products as you won't get the results you want. Definitely book onto a course first though :D
  6. Lauren04
    Hey nadine yeah I'm really excited to start learning about the industry and can't wait to get stuck in! Iv always loved doing nails but being ill meant I was unable to attend any courses :( but I plan to be fully better in a few months and I can't wait! And I'd love to learn a bit of everything including Charl nails but I'll start with acrylics. I was just hoping to find out what brand of products people find works best for them xx
  7. Lauren04
    Metamorphosis - I understand I'm pretty new to it all and didn't wanna sound like I was telling a sob story! And thanks for the advice I'm so excited to get better and start the course! :)
  8. cazz89
    Hi hun I use NSI really recommend it xxxx
  9. lauramaninails
    Agree x
  10. AndraM
    "Nfu.Oh" and "NailArtists" perfect ones and both provide very good and strong full courses ( they'r quite expensive, but worth it) !
  11. brightbeauty
    Good for you hun - positive thinking and best wishes for speedy recovery!!
    I've tried loads of different nail brands but for 6 years I've been with CND, they are fantastic. I love the fact you have to train with them before you can purchase their products it offers a little bit of exclusivity and respect to the nail technician that they are a professional brand. The products are brilliant, there's plenty to choose from and they deliver excellent results, they are quite expensive but worth every last penny in my eyes. Their customer service is spot on, very helpful and polite, deliveries arrive within 48 hours at the very latest in my experience. From time to time I contact my training ambassador for some advice (which is the very same lady that trained me 6 years ago) CND will give you the mobile number for your training ambassador so you can speak to them as and when needed which is a god send. CND are also the producers of Minx and Shellac which is known worldwide, major celebrities like Rihanna, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Paris Hilton to name a few use CND artists for all their 'finger and toe' requirements - so if it's good enough for them it's good enough for my clients and myself too lol. Work out what you want from your products and what you believe in because your views could be very much different to the next person and I think that's why different products work for different people.
  12. xxsarahj25xx
    Welcome! Id agree with above post, steer clear of the cheap c**p! Anything off ebay 16quid complete acrylic set from hong kong, cco / bluesky shellac etc you just dont know whats in them! My way of thinking is if you wouldn't use it on a client or pay to have it on yourself then whats the point in using it to practice! As a trainee myself, 7 weeks away from qualifying, i know how easy it is to waste money on "bargains". Star nails and the edge are ok l+p systems if you just want to get a feel for things before you start training, never going to produce anything amazing though. there are some great vids on youtube should you feel the need, gemma lambert has some good tutorials on there, so do young nails, completely in love with greg salo haha
    I realise i havent really answered your question at all, just wanted to pass on a lil bit of wht knowlege i have so far!

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  13. KSRR
    Hi Lauren, welcome to salon geek. You'll find this forum great for help and advice. I bet you can't wait to get started with your training. I use and love Young Nails Synergy Gel, however I also love CND products. I use Shellac and find more and more clients that used to have gel or acrylics are now going for Shellac. As for acrylic, I again use Young Nails but I've found less and less of my clients are having acrylic.

    When I started my training I started with a Manicure & Pedicure course. I then moved on to do a nail tech course. Once I had done that I played about with different products (most companies sell trial size products) to see which I preferred as everyone is different. What one person likes someone else won't. I then settled on a product then booked in to do a course with them so I was fully trained in using the whole system as different products can be applied differently from others. As for the gel polishes or Shellac, you really only need a Mani/Pedi cert to be able to purchase products, but I'd always advise to book in on the course so that you can get full benefit out of the product.

    I hope you get back to full health soon so you can start a whole new career for yourself. Good luck and keep us posted as to what you decide.

    Love Mandy xxx
  14. passion4beautyx
    all the best your ganna love it!!!. i use nsi and i love it. i also use gelish ... all the best

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  15. Emily-Louise
    Each of the geeks will give you a different answer as we each have our own preferences and experiences, I would personally advise CND check out sweet squared -http://www.sweetsquared.com or 0845 210 6060. Hope you get better soon and good luck with your training and future nail career :)
  16. Lauren04
    Thank you ladies for all you'r advice im taking it all in! :) and thank you for the get better comments it means a lot! I can't wait to get stuck in! and hopefully one day be a great nail technician giving advice like you guys! Thank you so much :) xxx
  17. AndraM
    False !

    CND.ee <- feel free to order CND from there without any training. And Estonian distrubators are not the only ones, who sell the products and not asking anyhting about your training.

    I've actually tried CND once - Feels just like Odyssey Nails system. (also american line... products might come from the same manufactor... (both are good to work with -but not the best IMO.)

    About coloured acrylics - No brand could compete with Nfu.Oh.

    Good luck!
  18. fallonst23
    Good on for coming back fighting :)

    I have used CND for 10years now and there products & training just keep on getting better & better!!

    I honestly keep thinking what will they do next?? There educators are always on had to help you with any problems,advice & encouragement .

    Good luck ;-)
  19. AndraM
    I suggest you to have a full Nail technican course first ( That actually teaches you everything without promoting you any special product line or brand ) and after that, you are good to choose or your brand(s) ( then you know what are you looking for).

    After you've completed the full course you could keep your eyes open for "Products courses "
  20. Lauren04
    Yeah I intend to do a full course when I'm fully better and I'm excited :) and thank you for the feed back everyone xx

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