Where Can I Buy Gelish?

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  1. XeLeGaNcEnAiLsX
    Hi all,

    I am desperate to try gelish but I have been on the harmony website but it doesn't give you an option to buy it off there even when I had registered! So then I searched on google and all that came up was harmony and nailbeauty4u.com but this is in dollars! Where are you all getting the amazing gelish from please?

    Thanks in advance :)

    Lucy x
  2. shedunlop
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    This is the link and you can buy on the website or you can ring them. They are very friendly. Have you joined the Gelish lovers group on here? There is lots of help on there as well :green:
  3. XeLeGaNcEnAiLsX
    Thanks Sheila :)

    OMG it's so expensive!! How many applications do you think roughly you would get out of each bottle?


    Lucy x
  4. izzidoll
    According to information in the Gelish social group you get 30-40 applications per bottle the bottles are a good size with I think 15 or 17mls of product.

    We can't post wholesale prices on here, but if you also read in the social group that the average gelish service charge is £20-£25 taking 45 minutes, do you still think it is expensive, especially with the deal on the kits I think it is great value.
  5. XeLeGaNcEnAiLsX
    Ah right, well when you put it like that lol it doesn't seem so expensive! I didn't realise they were such decent sized bottles. I suppose it works out cheaper than Shellac because you get double the amount of product :) yeah I did have a look at the kits so I think I may go for the 5 colour kit to start me off. Which colours do you recommend? What are the most popular ones that clients are having?


    Lucy x
  6. izzidoll
    All of that information with pictures and great colour charts are in the Gelish social group...happy reading.
  7. Nail Harmony Uk
    Feel free to call us on Monday .. we LOVE chatting colours


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