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  1. karmour84

    TGB BIAB seperating in the bottle?!

    Hey guys!! i was wondering if any one else was having this problem? It seems that my biab by TGB are seperating in the bottle 😬 Its like the pigment is completely seperating from the gel base, and its unusable. gone is the silky smooth formula that glides on like polieh, and in its place is a...
  2. T

    BIAB fill - cuticles

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone can tell me, usually when I get my nails done for the first time, they soak my cuticles in a soapy(?) water mixture and then trim back around the cuticle and do all those things to get my skin around the nail beds tidied up and ready for the manicure. I had my...
  3. C

    Magpie Build Me Up

    Hi. I trained in hard gel overlays using both TGB BIAB (which I now understand comes with a large risk of reactions) and IBD builder gel. Given the concerns around white bottle brands, as well as the limited colour choice with IBD, I am exploring my options and feel like I'm leaning towards...
  4. D

    BIAB popping off

    I've used builder in a bottle with success for a few months now but I have one client who is having issues. She had had 3 applications now but they keep popping off after just one week 🤔She is following my recommendations she has a job which involves lots of heavy lifting, so I'm pretty sure...
  5. S

    Peeling BIAB

    Hi guys. I need a little help. I’ve been a beauty therapist for 17 years now, I specialise in waxing. I used to get my nails done with acrylic overlay but since lockdown I ditched the acrylic and am trying the Naio Nails builder in a bottle clear as day. I do all the prepping to the nail plate...
  6. K

    BIAB issues?

    Hi, was just wondering if anyone has ever experienced an issue with clients having The Gel Bottle BIAB just come clean off of one of their nails? Following all the correct usual steps but recently for some reason it’s just not staying? Wondered if anyone had experienced this before and knew of...
  7. EllDaisy

    Gelish vs The Gel Bottle Inc

    Hi all, I have always used Gelish as my brand of choice, but recently I’m finding some gorgeous ‘The Gel Bottle Inc’ manicures on social media and I’m dying to give them a try! obviously I would purchase the top coat/base coat etc, but I’m not too familiar with BIAB application. Please could...
  8. LauraP

    Builder in a Bottle

    Hi, I wonder if anyone could give me some help/advice please. I do the usual hard gel/acrylics and gel Polish. I am now also offering the gel bottles builder in a bottle which I suppose is just a soak off builder gel. Does anyone also use this? I wondered if you just charged the same as a hard...
  9. E

    TGB Inc BIAB help!

    Hi everyone! Im new to using The Gel bottle inc, Could anyone tell me what BIAB is? And How to use it, Can it be used like a gel polish? Can it be soaked off? Im wanting a stronger gel for clients with weaker nails would it be better to use the rubber base/top coat Or BIAB? Thankyou much...