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  1. K

    Needing to move clients to a different day due to a last minute holiday

    Hi everyone, I’m a self employed hairdresser renting a chair within a salon. I potentially have a last minute holiday approaching in the next coming weeks and on one of the days I’ll be away I have a few clients booked. I was just wondering if it would be acceptable to ask them to move to...
  2. S

    The best way to break up with clients?

    Hi, I would reallly like some advice on how to break up with clients. I’ve had my salon for 3 years now & I have a range of clients doing most services. I have invested 1000’s of pounds into my education in balayage & it is what I specialise in I would say 60-70% of my clients are balayage with...
  3. B

    Giving out instructions

    In Australia, if someone messages me Asking for “advice” or instructions and which products to use to colour their hair at Home, themselves.... it’s illegal For me to advise that isn’t it?
  4. B

    Client list

    I would like some advice please....... bare with me while I give the back story...... I’ve worked in a salon for 2.5years now on a self employed basis.....being paid commission for the treatments I did. Around 60% of the clients were already going to the salon when I started, and approximately...
  5. L


    Hi all, I have just started my own business and I’m renting a room in a holistic/ lash training salon. I have existing clients already (not a lot) but I am trying to find as many ways as possible to promote, I have done leaflet dropping, Facebook and Instagram ads but I am now thinking of going...
  6. S

    Massage lower back

    I’ve recently started massage and have a routine I use loosely between clients. I’m just unsure of working on the lower back. I work on the shoulders and over the glutes however i feel I’m slightly missing the area of the back (kind of where the kidneys are) as I’m worried about hurting the...
  7. N

    Saying goodbye to clients

    I've been a nail tech for 12 years and, as much as I love doing it, I've decided to close my business at the end of the year and walk away from the beauty industry for awhile. I'm leaving mainly due to stress, feeling unappreciated, and feeling like a majority of my clientele are toxic...
  8. C

    Help, difficult client!

    Hello, I'm a mobile tech and went to a client's house a few months ago to do a full set. Nails were fine but I had to repeatedly ask her to tell her child to stop taking things out of my beauty kit/opening pots of gel etc. She didn't seem that bothered (she even said "oops" when he picked up...
  9. ShaunaBeauty

    Just starting out!

    Hi everyone, I’m a newly qualified Beauty Therapist ( Level 2 and 3 ) and I’m hoping to start my business! I have no clue how to start out! What I already know is what treatments i’ll Be doing. However what I’m stuck on is 1. Business Name 2. How to advertise and build a clientele ( I have...
  10. Kittymore

    Name help for website to attract clients to colleges

    Hello geeks I'm a level 2 hairdressing student and this year has been extremely difficult to try and get clients. I'm trying to think of a name that I can use for a website to help to try to attract potential clients to colleges. Not just my college but all colleges. I was thinking of maybe...
  11. JustStef2016

    Nothing is working

    Hello this isn’t a negative post just looking for support if that’s okay please . I started my training as a Mua & beauty level 2 therapist in 2015 finished 2016. During the time I of course practiced a lot and after the course . I fell ill in pregnancy 2016 it was difficult for me to do clients...
  12. Y

    Renting a non traditional looking therapy room?

    I have found therapy rooms to rent in a busy area but from the outside it doesn’t look much like where someone would go for a treatment, it looks more like an office block. I have seen photos of the inside and they have lots of different sized rooms to cater to everyone I suppose but would this...
  13. P

    Do you say something when you see genital warts on clients?

    Hi everyone, I'm new in the waxing salon business. My salon has been opened for almost a year now I noticed that once in a while I will have a client who has genital warts, come to do Brazilian or Hollywood or someone with extremely strong rotten smells which is different from usual smells...
  14. E

    How do I find reliable clients for mobile eyelash extensions?

    I became qualified to do eyelashes about five months ago, and since then, I've been trying to build up a client base. I haven't really been sure where to advertise, but I have posted a lot of adverts on Facebook, although I only really seem to get any attention on my posts when I'm doing some...
  15. C

    How to fire a hair client?

    Ive been doing my ladies hair for 2 years now from home. All she has is a full head of bleach 6% highlights. She’s a base 5 but the bleach normally goes very white. I done her hair 6 weeks ago and the roots went ginger. Baring in mind she was 9 months pregnant so i did explain that her...
  16. RebeccaJayneNails

    Securely storing client info - help!

    I’m trying to find something to securely store all my client record cards in...the cards themselves are 8” x 5” so that’s about half A4 size. Obviously it needs to be lockable due to the new data protection rules but I just can’t find anything! Whenever I look up lockable files, the massive...
  17. H

    Getting new clients when starting in a new salon help

    I will be starting self employed in a salon within two weeks its based 10 minutes from a town centre but there is a barbers right next door which sits on the corner so people passing buy mainly see the barbers and not the salon. there is other stylist which is self employed too but she mainly...