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Jan 5, 2016
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Hello geeks
I'm a level 2 hairdressing student and this year has been extremely difficult to try and get clients. I'm trying to think of a name that I can use for a website to help to try to attract potential clients to colleges. Not just my college but all colleges. I was thinking of maybe starting a forum, a bit like this one, but with students posting what they need and clients replying to the students posts.
How does this sound, does anyone know of anything like this already existing cos I can't find anything.
Looking forward to your thoughts and opinions! Xxx
There’s already one called salon guinea pig I think hun xx
It’s a lovely idea but for now, I’d focus your efforts locally.
Design some posters and post around your nearby towns in libraries and community centres as well as advertising on Facebook. A lot of people don’t know about reduced price hairdressing/beauty services via their local college so you could design a poster around the theme of pampering and wellbeing and target groups such as parent and baby groups etc.
It's good to be thinking about generating clients but make sure you do this with your department head as all colleges have corporate branding which must be used on anything advertising college services.
There’s already one called salon guinea pig I think hun xx
This website doesn't seem to work anymore, although I have only tried it on my phone

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