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  1. sofiaalonso

    Need opinions as hairdressers!

    Hello! How are you? I'm participating in a contest focused on hairdressers and technology. We have to present an idea that improves the experience of the stylist and/or the client, and I would like to know if this idea would be useful for you or what you think about it. It's about a smart mirror...
  2. J

    Dia Light formulating help!

    Hello! I am trying to formulate for a strawberry blonde using dia light! could someone help me with this?! I only have dia light not dia richesse! Hair is pre lightened! Picture included for what I am aiming for!
  3. F

    Warmth that will not go away!

    Hey y’all Natural Level 7 in front/6 rest minimal grey in front only Every color combo ALWAYS comes out too warm and then turns warmer as time passes hair is balayaged with ends being at about a level 8 into 9 neutral blonde-but quite often ashy becasue of purple shampoo to tone out the brass...
  4. 3

    Need help guys for ashy hair to warm blonde hair color

    so she's one of my regular clients, she always have the whole head highlight (9N blonde) and the base color (7N) done. but this time i think i left the highlight a little too long. when i washed it with purple shampoo, it turned out like a silverish color and then i toned it with 9N. it turns...
  5. S

    Opening new salon - product recommendations

    Hi Everyone - I am opening a new salon (not too high end , want to be accessible but still well priced!). I am trying to figure out how many different brands i should carry for color and haircare. I am hesitating between buying from 1 brand or many and also not sure who I should be buying...
  6. C

    Which DiActivateur to use on new DiaRichesse color

    Hi ladies! I currently cover my greys with a combo of dia richesse 6 and 6.13 and vol 15. I'm looking to go a touch lighter in my overall hair shade, ideally to dia richesse 7.01. If I suddenly switch to 7.01, can I still use the same vol 15 diactivateur? Or will I need to use a stronger one to...
  7. M

    Going gray

    How would you tackle taking this client gray to match her roots? She wants to grow out her gray so she doesn’t have to keep covering it up. I haven’t done this before as I normally just do cuts. The color line I use is Kenra and also some Wella. Her hair is a level 7/8. I was thinking I...
  8. R

    Shades Eq going bad?

    I used a half a bottle of shades eq as a glaze. I went back to use the rest a week later it was black. Would it still be good or is one bottle good right after it’s opened? I just opened another bottle because I wasn’t sure. Please help I’ll have this situation coming up again tomorrow!?
  9. Z

    Going gray

    I’ve been out of the hair game for a while so I’m not up to date on new trends. I have a question on coloring a client’s hair color gray. She is currently a level 7/8 and has been coloring her hair once a month with kenra color. She wants to go gray so she doesn’t have to keep covering up her...
  10. S

    Baby lights to bright blonde on vulnerable hair

    I have a new client with fine hair. She hadn't coloured her hair for 18 months after a chemical cut. Most of the damaged hair had been cut off. She wanted to go back blonde and went to a salon, they gave her a full head of baby highlights, lots of them but SUPER fine. She now has a dull, dirty...
  11. E

    Advice on achieving this color?

    I'm a recent cosmetology graduate and I'm not working in a salon yet nor have I taken state board yet. When I was taking my cut and color class, the teacher didn't go in depth with color telling us we would learn it with experience training on the salon floor there. I didn't go to the best...