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  1. L

    Eyelash extension help

    Hi I am currently doing an classic eyelash extension course online (not ideal but there are no courses in my area available) I am really struggling with doing the eyelashes on the practice head. I am able to isolate the lash pretty easily but I find I am struggling with placing the eyelash...
  2. T

    Becoming an eyelash extension trainer/educator

    Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing well through these miserable and uncertain times. Im sorry if this has been answered before, I did a long search on this topic and failed to find out much. I would also love to hear your own journey of going about becoming an eyelash extension educator in the UK...
  3. Charlottehana

    Eyelash extension feedback please?

    Hi! I’m currently doing a lash extensions course, I have done two full sets on family members. I’m verrrrry self critical so I feel I’m not happy with them. I just wondered if I could have some feedback please on them?
  4. B

    Tatti lashes or Nouveau lashes training?

    I’m debating between the two on which one to go with. What would you recommend for an eyelash extension training course between these two?
  5. Lillyb

    Best eyelash extension courses

    Hello I have recently become a mum so in looking to change careers. Does anyone have any recommendation for eyelash exention courses. The beauty academy keep coming up when I search however the reviews are not great Really need some guidance
  6. J

    Eyelash extension courses/training

    Hey, Been doing some research on lash extension courses/training in or close to London. The ones coming up the most since I've been researching are Eyelash emporium, Flirties and Nouveau lashes. I've completed a L2 in beauty therapy but have no lash extension experience so looking for a...