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    Lash extension client demanding refund

    Hi all im new i have 7 years experience as a therapist and a nail tech well saturday i provided an individual lash treatment on a client . i rent a room in a hair salon im self employed . so she messages today saying theyv all fell out and wants a refund i responded by saying that i dont usually...
  2. J

    Eyelash extension courses/training

    Hey, Been doing some research on lash extension courses/training in or close to London. The ones coming up the most since I've been researching are Eyelash emporium, Flirties and Nouveau lashes. I've completed a L2 in beauty therapy but have no lash extension experience so looking for a...
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    Eyelash extension training 121 basis

    Hi I'm wanting to take a course for lash extensions. I have found someone and have already had some other training with her and I know she is really good and her training is amazing but she is quite expensive and I do have to travel to her too. Can anyone recommend anyone who you've trained...
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    Lash adhesive - can I store more than one?

    hiya everyone i am just wondering if anyone can help ... i've had issues with my adhesive mot working properly so i bought some more, i use lonris platinum extra strong. i accidentally ordered two and i'm just wondering if anyone knows if i should send one back or if i could keep both and just...