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  1. J

    Nailchemy or Kirsty Meakin??

    Hi everyone! I've been looking at different brand of gel polish since my current brand is no longer available I'm UK. I've whittled it down to nailchemy and Kirsty Meakin and I'm really torn. Do any of you have any experience with either of these two? Kirsty is an amazing artist, I've followed...
  2. D

    Newly qualified nail tech looking for brand reviews!

    Hi all, Very newly qualified nail tech deciding what brands to choose to offer my clients. Currently using 'The Edge' acrylic and 'MyGel' gel polish that I used during training but not a fan. What are the best acrylic companies? For liquid and powders, my tutor got me 'The Manicure Company'...
  3. V

    Gel polish recommendations?

    I have a gel polish course next Tuesday. The starter kit comes with Halo gel polishes. Just wondering if anyone has used this brand and if it’s any good for beginners? The starter kit is optional so if the reviews aren’t great I won’t bother. Any other affordable gels for beginners would be...
  4. ElysianAnnie

    The best gel polish system?

    I have been using Gelish for around 8 years now but starting to feel abit disappointed each time they release a new colour collection. Also, Gelish has somehow started to not bond properly to my longest clients nails, who used to get a good 4/5 weeks worth, I haven’t changed a thing with my...
  5. N

    Number of gel colours needed for treatment room

    Hi, I’m setting up a nail treatment room and wondered what is an ‘accepted’ amount of colours to carry. I am currently using Halo which I like and know they are reasonably priced. However, with many initial start up costs to consider I don’t know if it is necessary to stock the full range? I...