Gel polish recommendations?


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I have a gel polish course next Tuesday. The starter kit comes with Halo gel polishes. Just wondering if anyone has used this brand and if it’s any good for beginners? The starter kit is optional so if the reviews aren’t great I won’t bother.

Any other affordable gels for beginners would be greatly appreciated!



I have no experience of Halo but I know there are lots of techs on here that think they’re great - fab price point, large range of colours and great longevity!
If you’re unsure what brand you’d like to work with once you’re up and running there is no harm in stating out
with this range!

Good luck x


I love halo and use it almost exclusively, it does have a good range of colours and its stays on always good to try different products and brands tho

Anna Ljungberg

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I have no opinion on halo as I haven't used it, however, what I would recommend, purely from personal experience, is to stick with the brand used by your educator/ That way they will be able to teach you the correct application techniques as they vary slighty from brand to brand, as well as better aid and trouble shoot any issues you may have. Only buy the necessities though, that way when you are more confident you can try other brands and pick one that suits your needs.


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You say the starter kit is optional? Does this mean you can choose a different brand to train with on this course? If that's the case that would ring alarm bells with me because each brand has different characteristics and application technique. A decent educator should know this and should only train in brands they themselves are trained in in my opinion. It's very common when trialling new brands to experience problems initially if you don't do a conversion course as your new brand may need to be applied very differently, so to start your training off possibly being taught the wrong technique isn't going to be very helpful to you.

I received a Halo basecoat, gel colour and top coat in a Scratch magazine goody bag at a show. The colour matched an outfit I wore to a wedding a while back so I gave it a try (double curing in my lamp). It applied nicely and lasted well but it's not a brand I would rush and buy as it's manufactured in China and anyone can buy it from what I can see. (It's being sold in my local wholesalers, which means hairdressers without a gel polish certificate could buy it). That's just my personal opinion and I'm aware there are lots of people using it and are happy, but you need to take everything into considering when starting out so you get it right for you and your clients the first time hopefully!