gel polish

  1. nirvanawalsh

    Help, issues with gel extensions

    Hi I’m newly qualified since October 2019, I took a course in gel polish and gel extensions, gel polish I’m great with and don’t have any problems, although gel extensions I’m struggling with a little, I’m confident with how to do them and in the end they look great, although they aren’t staying...
  2. K

    Removing gel polish?

    I have recently started using a new brand of gel polish. The gel last quite long and hardly ever chips. However i cannot be removed using (100%) acetone. It does not lift the gel at all even if its been buffed off almost to the nail. Any ideas on why this is or alternatives to remove this?
  3. C

    Client says gel polish has all come off in 2 days

    Hi I did gel polish for a client who suffers with dry skin as her hands are in water a lot with work (she hasn’t worked since I did her nails though). She asked me for some hand cream when I had finished which I gave her without thinking much of it but she has now contacted me to say it has come...
  4. sazmcgee

    Mixing CND Creative Play gel & Shellac

    So I’ve recently expanded my service list to include not only cnd shellac but also cnd Creative Play. I wondered whether anyone has been using both gels within the same service. ie applying shellac base coat, shellac colour coat & then maybe a layer of creative play gel before finishing with the...
  5. K

    Komilfo gel polish

    Hi, I lately heard of a chip gel polish brand calld Komilfo. Had anyone heard of it? Is it good?
  6. D

    Can you cure OPI Gelcolor polish with Sephora OPI Gelshine lamp?

    I have tried this a number of times on myself and it seems to cure properly. But I know mixing and matching sculpting gels with different lamps is a big no-no in terms of achieving a proper cure. Does this apply to gel polishes as well? I am wondering if perhaps they are close enough in formula...
  7. M

    Anti fungal treatment before applying Polygel?

    I've watched so many videos about applying poly gel to nails. But none of them applied anti fungal to nails before applying bond coat and base coat. Is it because it's not needed with poly gel? But technicians working in Tehran, Iran do! Is it also because poly gels in America don't need anti...
  8. A

    IBD hard gel advice?

    Could someone please tell me their steps for applying IBD hard gel as an overlay with a gel polish color on top? Trying to work out some kinks in my method. Thank you very much
  9. Pearlmoonnails

    Halo top coat lid broken?

    Hi, I have started using halo top and base coat for my services and I can't nock the products they last really well. My issue is I am not a very busy tech as I have only been open around 2 months and only have 2/3 regular clients at the moment and I have noticed that my halo no wipe top coat lid...
  10. S

    How long does ink London iLac last for?

    So I am wanting to buy a new gel kit, I’ve recently qualified my gel polish course and want to go with a brand that isn’t tested on animals. I’ve had a look at ink London and find the pricing to be very good for a professional those who use the system, is it worth buying into? How...
  11. K

    Mixing gel brands?

    Hi! I just started doing my own gel nails at home. I went to a nail tech who did my full set, and she used the Orly builder in the pink jar to build the nails. My question is, when I go to do my fill, can I use IBD gel to build the nail back up or will it lift? I'll also be using the IBD...
  12. F

    Favourite gel & polish brands

    Hi everyone. I have a few questions - I would like to know what professional nail polish brand is your favourite. Do you stock more than one brand, or choose to stick with one company for your colours? What about gel polish? I see that The Gel Bottle and Gelish are very popular. I am just...
  13. V

    Gel polish recommendations?

    I have a gel polish course next Tuesday. The starter kit comes with Halo gel polishes. Just wondering if anyone has used this brand and if it’s any good for beginners? The starter kit is optional so if the reviews aren’t great I won’t bother. Any other affordable gels for beginners would be...
  14. S

    Gellen gel nail polish

    I have recently qualified as a nail tech, I am looking to build my kit. Has anyone used the Gellen gel nail polish and would you recommend it?
  15. A

    Conservatory for doing nails, help!

    I’m starting out as a nail tech and am planning on converting a conservatory- more like a ‘lean-to’ into a nail salon. I didn’t even consider this might be an issue until I saw a nail post on Facebook, where people have said this is a ‘no-go’ and that gel will cure on the brush in conservatories...
  16. F

    New nail tech, gel polish pricing help

    Hi everyone, I hope you are all well. I am just starting up my new at home/mobile nail business. I am trying to arrange my prices at the moment, but one is confusing me in particular. I am thinking to offer acrylic and gel extensions for £30 including gem designs. Does it seem right for me to...
  17. ElysianAnnie

    The best gel polish system?

    I have been using Gelish for around 8 years now but starting to feel abit disappointed each time they release a new colour collection. Also, Gelish has somehow started to not bond properly to my longest clients nails, who used to get a good 4/5 weeks worth, I haven’t changed a thing with my...
  18. S

    Gel on 5 year old?

    My sister and her daughter are going on holiday for 2 weeks My sister really wants me to do gel polish nails on fingers & toes to my niece so they last Surely she is waaaay too young she’s only coming 5 years old Any advice?
  19. B

    Gel nail lamp recommendations?

    Hi, Could anyone recommend a good gel nail lamp to use? Currently using a Sensationail one however it seems to be on the blink. The polishes I use are: OPI, Gelish, Sensationail and Halo Gel therefore the lamp needs to be compatible with these polishes. Thanks Lizzie
  20. E

    TGB Inc BIAB help!

    Hi everyone! Im new to using The Gel bottle inc, Could anyone tell me what BIAB is? And How to use it, Can it be used like a gel polish? Can it be soaked off? Im wanting a stronger gel for clients with weaker nails would it be better to use the rubber base/top coat Or BIAB? Thankyou much...