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  1. D

    Shellac trouble

    So I’ve been using shellac on my clients and on one lady it started wrinkling however I felt like it was applied thick. But I’m new to shellac as the salon used to use gelish Are you supposed to cap every layer? how many coats do you reccomend? If any of you are experts in shellac I’d
  2. T

    SELLING … SHELLAC 56 beautiful shades

    I have 56 lovely shades of shellac most unused The rest have little use and some just put on a colour pop nail. Perfect for a new collection or topping up your stock . All bought from Sweet Squared Please see photos for shades I would like £100 them please I also have a CND lamp which I would...
  3. D

    Nail systems?

    hi everyone. I am level 2 and 3 beauty qualified and also qualified in gel polish. I currently use ink London for my gels. however I'm going on to do a nail tech course level 3, and was wondering to those who do acrylics and gel enhancements do you use a one brand system or separate ones? I...
  4. C

    Opening a hair salon, can I offer gel polish?

    Hi all, I am opening a hair salon with a business partner and we are looking torent out some space for some beauty treatments. we would like to put in a nail bar just to offer basic manicures/pedicures with gel polish. I have tried to look online to see what requirements there are for this in...
  5. Blackxs

    Hard gel extensions not full coverage?

    Hi, I have just completed a course in Hard Gel extensions, but something I have now noticed when practicing nails at home is that when I apply my gel polish ontop of the clear gel extensions is that when you hold the nails up to the light they are very see through. Is this normal with clear hard...
  6. G

    Gel polish and acrylic brands?

    Hi everyone! I’m opening a salon next month (I know call me crazy!) I need some help with what GEL POLISH brand to use? And acrylic brands? I’m not a fan of as it’s never lasted on me, I’ve been looking at getting the Gelish brand but I’m open to looking into any! Obv long lasting and good...
  7. SDrew

    Bamboozled by all the gel polish options!

    Hi everyone! This is my first post, yay! I have been working a hair and makeup artist for years and am newly qualified in nails. I've been trying to get myself prepared and ready for when we get the go ahead in the UK but am really struggling to settle on a gel polish brand/s to use as there...
  8. Jade.246

    Acrylic nails and gel polish issues, help

    Hi, I have recently been learning how to do my own acrylic nails, although I have come across a few issues. I have done them around 20 times now and still struggling to figure out where I’m going wrong so just wanting a bit of advice. I have watched a lot of videos and it seems I’m doing it...
  9. M

    Gel polish shrinking over time

    I’ve recently qualified and have been doing gel polish on myself. I’m finding that after a few days, the gel is shrinking away from the free edge. Is this normal or is there anything I’m doing wrong?
  10. R

    Nail art clean up with The Gel Bottle

    I've recently got a few colours from The Gel Bottle which I love but am finding them a little harder to work with for nail art. I usually use CND shellac and trained with them so am used to using isopropyl alcohol to neaten up any edges on my nail art - tried this with TGB and whilst its okay...
  11. melissa123

    Glitterbels gel polish

    I'm looking at getting in glitterbels gel polish range, I have previously used their acrylic systems and love them! Has anyone got any experience with their gel polish that they could share please? Im looking at how hard wearing it is? how long it will last for? do the colours go on easy? Thank you
  12. Xlara

    Seeking wholesale/bulk OPI gel polishes

    Seeking good website to purchase opi gel in bulk/wholesale, any recommendations?
  13. nirvanawalsh

    Help, issues with gel extensions

    Hi I’m newly qualified since October 2019, I took a course in gel polish and gel extensions, gel polish I’m great with and don’t have any problems, although gel extensions I’m struggling with a little, I’m confident with how to do them and in the end they look great, although they aren’t staying...
  14. K

    Removing gel polish?

    I have recently started using a new brand of gel polish. The gel last quite long and hardly ever chips. However i cannot be removed using (100%) acetone. It does not lift the gel at all even if its been buffed off almost to the nail. Any ideas on why this is or alternatives to remove this?
  15. C

    Client says gel polish has all come off in 2 days

    Hi I did gel polish for a client who suffers with dry skin as her hands are in water a lot with work (she hasn’t worked since I did her nails though). She asked me for some hand cream when I had finished which I gave her without thinking much of it but she has now contacted me to say it has come...
  16. sazmcgee

    Mixing CND Creative Play gel & Shellac

    So I’ve recently expanded my service list to include not only cnd shellac but also cnd Creative Play. I wondered whether anyone has been using both gels within the same service. ie applying shellac base coat, shellac colour coat & then maybe a layer of creative play gel before finishing with the...
  17. K

    Komilfo gel polish

    Hi, I lately heard of a chip gel polish brand calld Komilfo. Had anyone heard of it? Is it good?
  18. D

    Can you cure OPI Gelcolor polish with Sephora OPI Gelshine lamp?

    I have tried this a number of times on myself and it seems to cure properly. But I know mixing and matching sculpting gels with different lamps is a big no-no in terms of achieving a proper cure. Does this apply to gel polishes as well? I am wondering if perhaps they are close enough in formula...
  19. M

    Anti fungal treatment before applying Polygel?

    I've watched so many videos about applying poly gel to nails. But none of them applied anti fungal to nails before applying bond coat and base coat. Is it because it's not needed with poly gel? But technicians working in Tehran, Iran do! Is it also because poly gels in America don't need anti...
  20. A

    IBD hard gel advice?

    Could someone please tell me their steps for applying IBD hard gel as an overlay with a gel polish color on top? Trying to work out some kinks in my method. Thank you very much