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  1. Sploo

    Black Friday con!

    Hey geeks. How did everyone get on with Black Friday deals? Some good some bad?? Was so excied to get a great discount from one of my ( lesser used) suppliers. I though I would treat my clients to some of their beautiful Russian hair as the discount was so good. Did a big order. Excited for it...
  2. C

    30” nano bead extensions

    Hi I’m looking for a client who is desperate for 30” extensions for her wedding day …the longest my supplier does is 24” so looking for any recommendations for supplier of 30” nano bead extensions to give the bride her dream hair! Thanks in advance! X
  3. C

    Training in hair extensions - supplier recommendations 🌸

    Hi! I’m currently training at the moment and have spent two days sourcing and browsing hair suppliers - I would really appreciate it if anyone has any recommendations/ones to avoid. Would be truly grateful for any advice. Thanks!! Xx
  4. C

    Hair extension supplier refund

    Has anyone here ever managed to successfully get a refund for bad hair extensions? I am a professional hairdresser and extensionist and I was trying out a new supplier and their hair was described as 100% cuticle correct Remy.... After about a month of wear (I wash my hair weekly) the silicone...
  5. L

    Extension course & questions

    I am looking to start going into hair extension training. Unfortunately I am not a hair dresser so I am struggling to find a good course, does anyone have any recommendations? Do these courses have to be HABIA approved also? I would be looking to do invisible weft and micro rings. I also wonder...
  6. ADG

    Favorite hair extension brand(s) in 2020 (all types)?

    Q: What are your favorite hair extension brand(s) in 2020? Let's have a poll to show which brands are mostly used and recommended? **IF the brand you like is NOT listed, please add to the thread below!** I see a lot of posts about hair extensions, and I literally have over 10-15 brands that I...
  7. S

    Hair extensions lengths

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a good supplier that does about 28inch hair extensions, I use euphoria one for now but they max out at 24inch and I have a client who wants longer!! Any help will help. Thanks so much
  8. L

    Hair extension stockists

    Hi everyone, just a quick post as I’m looking for a couple of hair suppliers just as back ups. I use to use Hair port but this was a good few years ago now and I’m starting to do hair extensions again. I currently use Additional Lengths because the quality is really good for the price but was...
  9. L

    Hair extension supplier needed

    Good evening, Im hoping someone can really help me out here. I am recently qualified in the following methods of hair extensions Pre bonded Micro ring Weave Tape Having extensions for years now i have always used platinum prestige range however on my last fitting i wasnt overly happy with the...
  10. E

    Trade accounts for retailers

    Hello, I am hoping to start a business selling hair extensions and i’m currently researching suppliers. I have noticed that most suppliers require a qualification in hair dressing (which i don’t have) in order to open up a trade account. However, I have found some that will allow you to open up...
  11. H

    Ashy hair extensions

    Hi all Ive recentlt got the glamlox extension ring but I've discovered that they don't have much in the way of ashy blondes. Apart from one shade that isn't included on the ring! Ive been looking into getting the euphoria one colour ring, as I know they have an extensive range of ashy shades...
  12. S

    Hair extension help!

    Hi everyone I’m hoping you can help. I am recently qualified in extensions but I’m finding it hard to start off. I have girls message me for prices and I have been offering them prices which literally covers the hair and postage cost and they are saying that it’s too much? I have been giving...
  13. Amyloudon

    Euphoria One - frustrated

    Hi Girls and Guys, I'm ranting here so apologies. Nearly every time I order hair from Euphoria One it says its in stock and then a few hours after payment i receive a text to say they haven't got it and I need to pick another colour. More recently, this happened AGAIN, but I held my tongue and...
  14. S

    Hair extension suppliers

    Hiya newly qualified in hair extensions and can't decide on a supplier. I have used many companies such as studio 58, glamorous lengths, hair xtensions direct and transform for my own personal use for many years but as I'm now planning on suppling hair to my own clients I want to find suppliers...
  15. P

    Independent Russian hair sourcing

    Hi I’ve seen a few hair extension technicians actually sourcing their Russian hair themselves directly instead of buying it through a company. How do you go about this?? As id much rather source the hair myself. I’m wanting quality remy Russian double drawn hair. Thank you! Paige
  16. P

    Grade 8A&9A double drawn pure Russian hair suppliers

    Hi, I have recently become a qualified hair extension technician and in the process of finding suppliers before I start advertising for clients. I am looking for good quality virgin Russian hair that must be double drawn - either grade 8A or 9A. I currently have grade 8A Russian hair on my own...
  17. Jenniferpowell.x

    Hair extension suppliers

    Hi, very new to this page.. but can anyone recommend a good hair extension supplier? I’ve looked into angel remy and sway and heard & seen mixed reviews about both .. Can anyone recommend anything else? Thanks