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  1. L

    Introducing myself and seeking top hair extension suppliers!

    Hey everyone! I'm Sena, a recent graduate from the Hair Extension Academy, specialising in six application methods. Now, I need your expertise in finding the perfect hair extension supplier. I'm on the hunt for top-quality hair from various origins, with both affordable options and a touch of...
  2. KiniaMinia

    Hello everyone! <3

    Hello all I am Kinga and i am a makeup artist but also i am learning fast about hair extensions at my new company. What can I say i found two passions I hope to find even more here ;) I can help you with any makeup problems, as also i look forward to learning something new, a speople always...
  3. E

    Looking to rent a chaur in inverness

    Hi I am a beautician and I do microloop hair extensions aswell as dermal fillers using a hyaluron pen. I love to make everyone feel great about how they look! Would love to re t a chair every month for around d 4 or 5 days to do my best work ..gr8 deals and prices! Pls get in touch if u think u...
  4. Desiree.Miller

    Seeking advice! Disappointed hand-tied weft experience

    Hello, fellow salongeek members! I've struggled with my naturally curly hair for many years, going through countless rounds of straightening and damaging my precious curls. I am seeking advice on hand-tied weft extensions that I recently had installed, but unfortunately have now fallen out some...
  5. L

    Hand tied extension weft cut.

    I had hand ties extensions installed a couple of weeks ago and just realized that the hair stylist cut them. They are now unraveling at the ends. I did not purchase them from her, but did let her know that they were hand tied extensions during my consult and the day she installed them. Besides...
  6. K

    Nano hair extensions

    Hey everyone! So I’ve currently got an invisible weave in but I’m due to have a change to nano ring extensions soon! I’m stuck between buying remi cachet or euphoria one (Russian or Brazilian) hair extensions. Does anyone have any experience with either and can recommend any of the two please...
  7. Louise@Srunch

    Hair extensions

    Hey everyone When advertising for clients for extensions and your hair suppliers. How do you word things ,do you have a written like statement style or do you just use certain words, Do you use things from the suppliers like what hair they do etc ? Do you mention there awards or runner ups in...
  8. G

    Nano Bonds half head

    I had Nano hair extensions last night just for thickness. I have two rows I believe there is 100 maybe 125 can’t remember. But they’re very noticeable. My hair is very thin and fine so I’m wondering if a different placement would be better on my head. I think the girl did a great job but it’s...
  9. C

    Work Showcase Hair extensions

    Full head of 18” nano beads x
  10. C

    30” nano bead extensions

    Hi I’m looking for a client who is desperate for 30” extensions for her wedding day …the longest my supplier does is 24” so looking for any recommendations for supplier of 30” nano bead extensions to give the bride her dream hair! Thanks in advance! X
  11. C

    Training in hair extensions - supplier recommendations 🌸

    Hi! I’m currently training at the moment and have spent two days sourcing and browsing hair suppliers - I would really appreciate it if anyone has any recommendations/ones to avoid. Would be truly grateful for any advice. Thanks!! Xx
  12. T

    Hair extensions

    Post deleted
  13. C

    Hair extension supplier refund

    Has anyone here ever managed to successfully get a refund for bad hair extensions? I am a professional hairdresser and extensionist and I was trying out a new supplier and their hair was described as 100% cuticle correct Remy.... After about a month of wear (I wash my hair weekly) the silicone...
  14. A

    Is my placement right on these extensions?

    Hi! I would like advice on my placement of my hair extensions. I’ve had to use micro ring beads instead of Nano beads as i don’t have any. I’m aware I’ve fitted nano extensions with the wrong beads it was just for practice. I had problems with my placement of my extensions when I trained. Since...
  15. A

    Please can I have advice on models for hair extensions?

    Hi! I qualified in LA LEAVE/MICROBEADS & NANO BEADS in January. I had to put everything on hold because of COVID19. I now want to practice on models so I know how long the hair extensions stay in for, what the model thinks, get feedback etc but I don't want to charge as it seems unfair if they...
  16. J

    Does anyone offer customer's finance options in salon?

    Hi Guys, I do hair extensions full time and im wondering if anyone uses any finance companies such as payl8r, klarna etc to provide their clients with those options? I have looked into Both and i find Klarna is more for products rather than services and payl8r is such a cost to set up, like...
  17. S

    Hair extensions lengths

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a good supplier that does about 28inch hair extensions, I use euphoria one for now but they max out at 24inch and I have a client who wants longer!! Any help will help. Thanks so much
  18. J

    Hair extensions supplier nano

    Hi guys! I have been doing hair extensions for 8+ years now and currently looking for a new supplier. The supplier i have at the moment is reliable and always has stock which is great but the hair has become very thin and the blonde colours are matting up for a lot of my clients. I’ve looked...
  19. L

    Hair extension stockists

    Hi everyone, just a quick post as I’m looking for a couple of hair suppliers just as back ups. I use to use Hair port but this was a good few years ago now and I’m starting to do hair extensions again. I currently use Additional Lengths because the quality is really good for the price but was...
  20. J

    Best tape adhesive remover?

    Hey! Looking for the best tape removal solution. Iv tried loads and not been super impressed. I find the walker tape peels off easily I just need a better solution for getting them out of the head quickly and easily (and obviously as comfortably as possible!) Example - Prestige Hair Adhesive...