hair extensions

  1. M

    Hair extension course and suppliers

    Hi, I recently booked a course to further my confidence in hair extensions with the London Hair academy :( to my luck on the day i turned up, i found out they had gone bankrupt - asides from that drama of taking all the time off work and paying for it, I am now about to complete another course...
  2. J

    Retaping and re-installing tape in extensions?

    Looking for advice on retaping and reinstalling tape in hair extensions. We ordered some hair to test out from amazing beauty hair off amazon. It does not come with a remover but when I reached out they recommended walker but didn’t specify which one. In the meantime, I read you could use 99%...
  3. F

    Hair extensions at 10”

    Hi all, I’m a new hair extensions technician and the hair I use starts at 16”. I’ve got a few ladies wanting hair no longer than 10” for volume only and are not prepared to pay for 16” hair only to have it chopped to the desired length. I see Remy cachet elegance do 12” hair but I can’t access...
  4. E

    Best nano supplier for blondes

    Hi all, just new on this forum! I’ve been doing extensions for about a year and a half now and have used the same supplier the whole time. I’m just wondering who everyone recommends for blonde hair that lasts? I find my suppliers hair amazing quality for dark hair I wear it myself. Although the...
  5. K

    Frazzled hair extensions, help!

    So, I had a microweave fitted last week (real hair) and was loving it up until my first wash and blow dry. My straighteners have been on the blink and over-heated and burnt my hair extensions. I had no choice but to cut out the burnt bits, but the rest of it feels so dry and frazzled :( Are...
  6. Ratchett's Xtensions

    New hair extension supplier

    Hey all in need of a new supplier for my medium range, have been using euphoria one for last couple of years and although I find the hair quality great and the price is very affordable I can no longer cope with the hassle it is just to get a reply via text a day or so later!! I use angelslocks...
  7. K

    Hair extension sections

    When I trained on micro rings I was shown to take 1cm x 1cm x 1cm triangle sections to put each bond onto. Ive seen a lot of people taking square sections for each bonds therefore leaving no clients own hair out unlike the triangles Is there a right or wrong way? What does everyone else do?
  8. K

    Hair extension aftercare?

    What brush do people recommend for clients to use after having hair extensions fitted? Ive always used a soft bristle brush but when I did my training they said tangle teasers (well the ones from Poundland). I wanted to provide an aftercare kit for clients after they're fittings and include a...
  9. A

    How to achieve uniform smooth waves

    Hi geeks I'm hoping for some guidance on creating uniform curls/waves with the cloud9 waving wand. I'm curling and clipping them until they cool down, which is fine, but i can't seem to achieve that gorgeous wave that flows across the hair. Also, the ends always flick in different directions...
  10. D

    Hair extensions - help starting up business!

    Hi everyone! I’m new here! I’ve just completed a hair extension course for microloop and nano rings. I want to start up in self employment but don’t know how to go about it! I currently work 20 hours a week in a bar and my wages get topped off with universal credit as I have a young son. I want...
  11. M

    Coloured extensions

    Hey all needs some advice after colouring my clients extensions. So I've been hairdressing 10 years and started my own buisness in December, I've also trained in extensions December. We were advised to keep training and offering a no fitting charge for the first few months. So i fitted tape...
  12. C

    Affordable hair extensions

    Hi. Anyone could recommend any more affordable hair extensions? I offered to put them on for free clients to pay only for the hair. Still can’t get any clients. Don’t know what to do anymore.
  13. A

    Best human hair clip in extensions?

    Hi, what are some of the best clip in brands? I've tried foxy locks and was disappointed (100% had fake hair in) so hesitant to recommend or buy another brand in case they aren't 100% human hair. Preferably around the £100/£150 mark would be ideal, thanks for any help
  14. K

    UK hair extension companies

    Hi guys, I did a hair extension course with Belle academy 2 years ago. Ever since I've been using hair by glamorous lengths as I got a trade discount and that's what they recommend to use. However, over time I'm starting to think their selection isn't big enough and quality isn't as good as it...
  15. NicoleLo

    Nano rings, first client

    Hi everyone, so I have been practising nano rings on my mums hair and I was just looking for a few tips. Just wondering if anyone could tell me how they control baby hairs during application and how to ensure you have neat sections. I have a client lined up to come in for a consultation next...
  16. A

    30 micro rings lost in 2 weeks

    Hello, can anyone advise me why this may happen! Fitted 100 micro rings for my client 2 weeks ago and she said she has lost 30 already - she does have oily hair but this seems excessive. Anyone know if it could be something I have done? And where do I stand if you requests a refund? Thank you
  17. D

    Hair extension suppliers?

    Hi ladies I am completing my training shortly and am wondering who best to go to for hair? I want to stock both Indian Remy and Russian so I can give my clients a choice. Who are the go to traders? Thank you! X
  18. R

    Extend celebrity hair

    Hello I’m new to hair extentions and have been looking at xtend celebrity hair on c and m beauty! Has anyone used this website or hair and have any reviews? Thank you xxx
  19. Danielle Souza

    Euphoria One Russian hair review

    Hello ladies. I have been searching for a good hair supplier and I came across Euphoria One. I have read a lot of review on their Russian Mangolian and Russian Slavic. Does anyone have any photos of these hair mention above? Are they worth it? Does the hair really last?
  20. Mollie Tate

    Hair extensions advice needed

    Hi I recently qualified in a hair Extensions course with glamorous length however I’m struggling to get it going (neither for myself or for the company I work for). How should I advertise them (I’ve have offered them on my Facebook) but once people had come in for a consultation they either...