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  1. H

    I only have 5/07 & 6/7 koleston perfect help!!

    Evening, I’m doing my sisters hair tomorrow, She is a natural level 5/4 and currently has blonde highlights… she wants to go chocolate brown but the only colours I have suitable are 5/07 and 6/7 will these mix to a nice colour and cover up the bleach or should I pre pig? Thankyou
  2. S

    Highlights lowlights

    Hi, I was a hairdresser for many years but due to kids I only now do friends and family's hair. A friend of mine is looking for a nice colour to break up her blonde tones. Can someone please suggest what to do as I am aware of putting browns onto blondes that can turn it khaki. I usually work...
  3. E

    Bleached my hair with highlights but not light enough

    Hello, I had bleach highlights put in a week ago after 4 months of no colour due to lockdown. I had lots of fine highlights and I’m happy with the blend - there is no stripeyness and a toner was used to make the highlights a golden tone. The issue is my hair has not gone as light as I hoped...
  4. E

    Bleach highlights after lockdown

    Hello, I am getting my hair bleached after lockdown and I have about 2 inches of regrowth. My base colour is a 3/4 and I normally go to a level 10 before having a toner. I never normally have this much regrowth though and I’m worried the overall colour won’t be as bright as I want because of...
  5. L


    Hi all! Hope you’re all well? I have a client coming in December, she has around 3 inches of root growth. She’s a natural level 5 but she usually lifts to a clean 9 (she’s always had a full head of back to back highlights) She’s sent me this photo of what she wants. I’m thinking full head of...
  6. C

    Highlights and grey hair Wella

    I have a new client- she has a lot of grey hair and doesn’t want to embrace it yet! I’ll add pics of her hair and the sort of thing she’s aiming for. She hates the grey and wants that covered! I’m thinking of doing a full head of highlights, and a colour inbetween and then a root smudge toner...
  7. S

    Help for adding depth into over blond highlights with Goldwell!

    Hi! So I'm doing my own hair right now. I'm naturally a level 4-5. The only color I've ever had used on me or have used myself is Goldwell, I feel it works best with my naturally mixed nationality thick and curly hair. I had all over highlights using Wella Developer & Blondor, I then added...
  8. J

    L’Oréal Majirel High Lift

    Hello! Has anyone used majirel high lift tint colour beige for highlights. was going to use on a base 6. If anyone has any pictures please send them my way :) thank you!
  9. D

    Some hair won't lighten

    I had previously highlighted hair (level 5 root, level 8 ends) and bleached my whole head to get platinum roots and some platinum strand throughout the ends but most of the ends are a dark yellow (level 9). I waited a bit and bleached the ends again and absolutely nothing changed! I use 30vol...
  10. C

    Half head highlights gone wrong!

    Hi I'm wondering if I could get some advice regarding my hair? My usual salon refused to see me due to covid19 as I'm a healthcare employee and I couldn't get my usual half head highlights done. Just to say I get my hair done alternating half head, full head foiled highlights just at the root...
  11. AJonesMobile

    Salon disaster surprisingly!

    Guys and Girls bit of a long one please bare with! Let me set the scene! o_O So for once i am the client with a problem however due to the tones left behind vs the condition of my hair i am completely stumped at what to do i know i should probably leave it alone for the best but im not happy...
  12. E

    Colour correction

    #1 Okay so my client went to another hair dresser they have dyed her mid lengths very very brass. Her ends are somewhat ashy and he roots are growing through. She wants me to get all of her hair to a multi tonal golden blonde with a slightly darker root shadow. my plan is to highlight/baby...
  13. C

    Full head highlights Wella colour choice

    I’ve got a new client who explains she doesn’t like to be too blonde.. and usually has a caramel low light going through.. she’s about a base 6/7 naturally! She explains she doesn’t like it to look streaky! I usually just do bleach foils as most people want to be as blonde as poss.. but this...
  14. S

    Highlights and gloss

    Hi! I had babylights put in my hair, but after the hairdressers put toner on my hair, my hair turned orange (I have originally dark hair). A gloss treatment (like shade eq) would help tone down the orangeness and make it darker, but would my babylights be dark as well and make it seem like I've...
  15. I

    Scalp bleach to balayage + Wella Color Touch Plus

    I have a client who is a level 10 (on scalp lightner) who wishes to return to her natural level (a 6) but with lighter highlights predominantly to frame hair face. My plan is to do foils (most likely a T-section) and then use a demi permanent colour in-between to smudge her roots into the...
  16. B

    Highlighting sectioning & technique

    Hello, I am just wondering if anyone can help with highlighting section patterns. I feel that I am taking too long putting in foil highlights and that I’m putting in way more foil than I possibly need to. I have been trying to look online for some sectioning techniques that give you better...
  17. Jades Nails

    Brunette with blonde highlights

    Hi I trained in beauty therapy level 2 and 3 and currently work as a nail tech ( as my user name might give away aha). So I know nothing about hairdressing. Im looking to get my hair done ( I’ve never had my hair done apart from the usual trim wash and blow dry). Im a medium brunette with...
  18. C

    Cool blonde, but not grey!

    Okay I’m open to try new brands, because I just can’t find that perfect cool blonde toner, on day to day basis clients are always asking for their hair to be highlighted and toned a lovely cool blonde, BUT don’t want to be GREY! (They never really ask for bleach on scalp, as they don’t want to...
  19. Caitlin Faulks

    Highlift in foils L’Oreal/Wella

    Hey! I'm interested to hear about what people have experimented with and have used in foils in terms of highlift mixtures and what the outcome was with Wella/Loreal. Also interested in the bases they were used on too! Thanks
  20. E

    Platinum blonde with dark roots

    Hey Geeks! I’m doing a friend of mines hair tomorrow, she Currently has highlights and so her hair is fairly light a base 6/7/8 in places with a dark root. She wants to go even lighter to a platinum/grey blonde, with a darker blended root. I’ve told her it’s a process and I will lift her as...