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  1. S

    Glitterbels reviews?

    hi, has anyone tried glitterbels? is it a professional good brand? ive looked at ink London and kiara sky too, but unsure which system to use? ill be doing acrylic, gel polish and gel extensions
  2. ADG

    INK London-2020?

    Q: Has anyone used Ink London nail products? If so, please tell me your 1) overall thoughts and 2) must-have products for 2020? Ink London Thank you!
  3. sazmcgee

    INK flubber

    Hi guys, I’ve heard some good things about the INK flubber base coat for chip & lift prone clients. I wondered if anyone on here has used it & what your thoughts were? I’d be interested to know price & whether or not it’s HEMA free? Also would you charge extra for it on top of your usual gel...
  4. ClaireFallowfield

    Prices for newly qualified gel polish technician

    Good morning, I am doing my manicure and gel manicure courses in October, and I was wondering on how much to charge? I am going to be using Ink London products, but I have no idea on what to charge. I don't want to be over charging, but I also don't want to be selling myself short. I know...
  5. S

    How long does ink London iLac last for?

    So I am wanting to buy a new gel kit, I’ve recently qualified my gel polish course and want to go with a brand that isn’t tested on animals. I’ve had a look at ink London and find the pricing to be very good for a professional those who use the system, is it worth buying into? How...
  6. K

    Gel polish brands

    I am in the process of moving away from CND j just think there is many other cheaper options out there that are just as good. I’ve dwindled them down to two companies The Manicure Company and Ink London. Has anyone used these and got any feedback on them both? For gel polish/ hard gel/...
  7. S

    Ink London gel and nail extensions

    I’ve been looking at ink London to use as my new system on clients once I passed my gel polish course ( I’m already a qualified beauty therapist), however in the future I would like to do a course on nail extensions but ink nails only seem to do acrylink course? there a huge difference...
  8. S

    Ink London costs

    Hi all! I’m looking into adding Gel polish nails to my services and have seen a lot of good reviews of INK London. Can anyone tell me the costs of the iLac kit and UV lamp? And also how much roughly the polishes are each? I can’t seem to see prices on the website. Many thanks X