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  1. H

    Eyelash extensions - new and having issues

    Hi! I just recently did an eyelash extension training course (which honestly, for the amount of money I paid I feel the instructor was largely unhelpful). I am having a really hard time with actually placing the lash extensions on the natural lash (I'm not having any problems isolating, or even...
  2. Anyaaa

    Classic lashes advice

    Hi huns! I've just completed my classic lash course so far I've practised on 4 models. I'm just here for any advise and help to do with lashes. I've noticed I'm an hour faster, I'm happy with my lashes however I would like to improve them as I think they could look better. I would like to...
  3. HannahxShort

    Best lash extension tweezers?

    I've recently done my nouveau extend (classic) course and ready to start taking clients, but I'm not a fan of my kits tweezers, what brands are the best for beginners? not fussed about spending a bit more if I know they're good and will last :)
  4. V

    Best eyelash extensions beginner’s course, Derbyshire?

    I was wondering if someone can help me please. I am interested in attending an eyelash extension training course in the Midlands. I've had a google and there seems to be oodles of providers to choose from with prices starting at around £200 up to £400 plus (eek!). The more affordable courses...