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  1. E

    Help! LVL or lash lift - naming my brand

    Hi all, I am looking for some help naming my brand. I recently took a course in Lash lift and tinting. Before this I started setting up my brand and named it Elle’s LVL’s, I thought it sounded cute as if rhymed. I have had cards and a logo made with this on. I then found out the LVL is part...
  2. S

    Do I need LVL certificate?

    Hi I am level 3 beauty trained and have my own room, I want to offer lvl lash lifts. I have been told I don’t need to do the course to be insured as long as I’m level 3 trained and can do tinting/lash perming. Does anyone know if this is true? Or do I have to do the course. Sarah
  3. Annier119

    Help with LVL products

    Hi everyone, I'm using I luv lashes total lash lift just now but find that on some clients I am not getting that great a lift while others are fantastic. Can anyone recommend a great LVL product to start using ? Any recommendations are greatly appreciated. Ax
  4. I

    Help please! No clue which eyelash extension brand to train in or use

    Hoping some kind people can give me some advice on this. I am a mobile beauty therapist based in the South East of England wanting to add eyelash extensions to my portfolio of treatments. I’d like them to be vegan if possible! Does anyone know of an excellent range they can recommend that is...
  5. Laurenmcg2011

    Lash lift course?

    Hi I’m looking into training in lash lift and tinting and I’m just wondering who is the best to train with I’m seeing a lot about lvl and salon systems. I am based in Dublin and finding it very hard to find any courses within the next few weeks so if anyone can help point me in the right direction
  6. Tonibennett91

    Problems with LVL lashes

    Hi all I’ve been qualified in Nouveau’s LVL lashes over 6 months now. I only do it part time as I have another full time job. I gotten really bad results on the past couple of clients, to the point that you can’t even tell they’ve had the treatment. I’m doing everything right, shields up to...
  7. Abi Gamero

    My LVL didn’t take like it should

    Hello everyone! I’m just wondering if I could get some help on what could have gone wrong with my LVL, I did my first treatment since training last night, I left all the solutions on between the times stated and everything, didn’t use too much glue to stick the lashes down either, but I forgot...
  8. GoldieGG

    Lash lift for extra long lashes

    Hi, I have recently done a lash lift which didn't come out as expected. My client has exreamly long lashes and also has hodded eyes, I used the large silicone but they seem to be getting crushed under her eyelid. Should I have used a small, so they went more up right, this way they wouldn't get...