My LVL didn’t take like it should

Abi Gamero

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Jun 28, 2018
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High Wycombe
Hello everyone! I’m just wondering if I could get some help on what could have gone wrong with my LVL, I did my first treatment since training last night, I left all the solutions on between the times stated and everything, didn’t use too much glue to stick the lashes down either, but I forgot that I was not meant to use any solution to remove the tint (which was after stages 1 and 2) as my training told me I could tint after both these stages had been carried out, I used the lash cleanser that I use to clean lashes before the treatment, but I used quite a bit of it so the lashes got wet, would this be a reason why the lash lift dropped maybe? As before I removed the tint I could see how curled they were, I also feel that I maybe put too much of the nourishing lotion on the lashes at the end, but I now know for next time that I don’t need that much! Thanks in advance and any advice or suggestions would be great! Thank you xx



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Mar 1, 2018
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I don’t use lvl but I do lash lifts, it sounds like you made the lashes too wet before you put the solutions on, they should be dry and oil free, did you use an oil free make up remover at the beginning?

What did you use to remove the tint?

The nourishing solution shouldn’t have made it drop, I use quite a lot to get the lashes off the shields

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