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  1. N

    Facial brand

    Hi I’ve just finished Level 2 beauty and am looking in to brands to use to do facials. I’ve heard good things about Eve Taylor but wondered if anyone has any experience of using it with sensitive skin? Are there any other brands anyone can recommend that I should also consider? Thank you
  2. ellamayyya

    Help with hair color - level 2/3 to level 5

    Trying to achieve a level 5 warm ash-brown on my sister's level 2(3?) very dark brown virgin hair. I'm a novice at dyeing, so I'd really appreciate some help on how to go about it. Should I tint or bleach? What are the best products to use? I've attatched pictures of the current hair color and...
  3. Kittymore

    Name help for website to attract clients to colleges

    Hello geeks I'm a level 2 hairdressing student and this year has been extremely difficult to try and get clients. I'm trying to think of a name that I can use for a website to help to try to attract potential clients to colleges. Not just my college but all colleges. I was thinking of maybe...
  4. N

    Aesthetic therapist?

    I’m currently studying level two beauty therapy which I will complete in July. I hoping to do level 3 in Sep and then level 4 after. My aim is to be an aesthetic therapist eventually but not too sure how to go about it... any advice or guidance would be much appreciated. Thankyou
  5. A

    Level 2 in beauty therapy or micropigmentation course?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if I can master Micropigmenation course without having prior experience in Beauty industry? I was initially planning to do Level 2, however now after researching I got really interesting in Micropigmentation (eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner). The course in super...
  6. S

    Course recommendation

    Hello All, I am a burlesque performer who works primarily on evenings and weekends. This gives me Monday-Wednesday (occasional thursday) free which I would like to utilize and learn another skill. Having an interest and good knowledge of beauty already from my performing background (I'm the...