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  1. M

    Makeup training

    Hello, I wanting to learn makeup and I’m a total beginner, can anybody recommend a good training academy please. I’m in warwickshire but I don’t mind the travel
  2. HayleyDenice

    Beauty Level 2 VRQ

    Good Evening! I hope everyone is doing well despite the lockdown. I am new here and would love some advice and even experiences on studying for the VRQ Level 2 Beauty. I am 26 and have been offered a place on a Part time Beauty Level 2 VRQ at East Berkshire College. What is your experience of...
  3. Jenniferpowell.x

    Make up academy?

    Hi all, Could anyone please recommend or point me in the right direction on a few courses, I have been looking online at a few make up academy's, but I do want something quite advanced and was coming on here to see if anyone had done any make up courses, 1-2-1 lessons or academy's. Potentially...
  4. H

    Eyebrow help!

    So, I have working for a very big brand proving brow treatments for about 3 1/2 years now and been in the industry for over 4 years. So safe to say, I know my brows! It’s my favourite ever treatment to do. So, I do so many wax and tints day in and day out, now I am starting my business on the...
  5. S

    Eye lotion

    What effects do eye lotions have on the eyes?
  6. S

    Oily skin

    Filling out college work and the question is , what type of makeup cheek products to use on oily skin? I put cream makeup based products but it’s wrong, please help.
  7. IndiaRoisin

    Sanitising palettes help?

    I just finished doing a clients make up and got home to find I left my alcohol spray bottle at her house, I’m worried that if I don’t sanatise my palettes ASAP they will be germy and stuff and build bacteria?? I’ve ordered new alcohol and spray bottle off amazon but the earliest it can get here...
  8. K

    Building a makeup kit

    Hey :) I am just starting out as a self taught makeup artist and I am building my kit so would just like any tips really on building this. (sorry if theres so much information here, I just want as much opinions and things covered as possible). So far I have mac studio fix foundations...
  9. IndiaRoisin

    New make up artist, how much to charge?

    Hi all, I'm going to be doing a complete make up training course this week with The Beauty Academy and I was wondering if anyone knew what would be a good rate to charge clients after I've completed? I know some people do discounted rates so that they can build up a portfolio, is this a good...
  10. K

    Bridal make up

    Hi, I have basic knowledge of make up application but lack practice and do not find any one to practice on. I want to know if there is a make up course/ make up school that provides intensive training and practice time for make up. Thanks Gurpreet
  11. S

    Considering getting a shop

    Hi all new to all this but wondering if any of you could help, I have been mobile hair for 5years and i have been curious about opening a salon I have the perfect nail tech and make up artist I have done my research on those and i have a girl Who i have worked with over a 10year period who is...
  12. H

    Choosing a makeup artist?

    Hi Guys, Not sure if this post is allowed but I'd like some advice. When booking a makeup artist for your wedding, night out, prom or whatever it may be. Would you prefer a name, personality and a face behind the service, so lets just say for example Chloe Smith MUA (not a real person)...
  13. R

    SPMU refresher course

    Hi all, I'm looking to refresh my semi permanent makeup skills after being out of the industry to have a baby I have lost my confidence. I obviously don't need to re-do the whole course I'm just looking for a day or couple of days of 1-1 tuition, someone reputable. Can anyone recommend...
  14. K

    Essex room to rent for SPMU

    Hello! I am seeking a room to rent in the Essex area for semi-permanent makeup specifically brows to start July 2018. As I am completely new to this industry, I would be very appreciative of any advice on how to go about this! Thank you :):)
  15. S

    Does anyone know where I can find an IT Cosmetics brush guide?

    I am having a hard time memorizing which brush is for which and the differences between the 3 different kinds...