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  1. Elrose

    Work Showcase Stilll not back at work so here’s a throwback

    This client love, love, loved pink and would have a new pink set each month without fail! ♡
  2. E

    Builder gel removal, what am I doing wrong?

    Hi, newbie here.. So I got my certificate a few weeks ago and as I’ve been adviced, I went to my local capital hair&beauty. When I asked if they have any soak off gels (builder gel, not gel polish) they recommended the soak off UV builder base gel, also referred to as “builder in a bottle” by...
  3. C

    What to use for nail art, gel or normal polish?

    Hi, I am training to become a nail tech and I'll mainly be offering custom nail art. I do it on myself by applying acrylic dip powder, normal varnish and then UV gel topcoat but I'm not sure if customers would be happy with normal varnish. In your experiences, what is the best medium to use for...
  4. K

    Mixing gel brands?

    Hi! I just started doing my own gel nails at home. I went to a nail tech who did my full set, and she used the Orly builder in the pink jar to build the nails. My question is, when I go to do my fill, can I use IBD gel to build the nail back up or will it lift? I'll also be using the IBD...
  5. lashedbyamber

    Polygel slip solution

    I know you can substitute slip solution with isopropyl alcohol, but what percentage is best? I can only find 99.9% on amazon, is that too strong??
  6. Xlara

    Good nail tips that don’t curve down?

    Looking for good nail tips for long nail look that wont curve down towards end. Is there anything out there? Or can I only use nail forms.
  7. S

    Acrylics as a mobile nail tech?

    I’m an esthetician and I’m thinking about going back to school to become a nail tech. I would want to self employ and go to my clients to do nails. I haven’t seen anything as far as techs doing acrylic or gel applications as a mobile nail tech. Please give me some insight on whether this is...
  8. S

    Nail forms over tips?

    Hii Iv been doing nails for years (really would like to go to a refresher course tbh) Iv never had confidence in doing other people’s nails, always felt like to took too long or they just looked awful. So I gave up doing extensions and only ever did gel overlaps or polish In the last 6...
  9. Soph_beauty

    Acrylic course recommendations

    Hello everyone! Just wondering if anyone knows any cheap acrylics course, I’m more into liquid and powder but a lot of them are expensive! I only have a small budget. I’ve been told it’s better to do an acrylics course then work my way up to sculpting/L+P as it’s better for my insurance however...
  10. S

    Ink London gel and nail extensions

    I’ve been looking at ink London to use as my new system on clients once I passed my gel polish course ( I’m already a qualified beauty therapist), however in the future I would like to do a course on nail extensions but ink nails only seem to do acrylink course? there a huge difference...
  11. N

    Young Nails Protein Bond and IBD

    Hi all, I have recently been advised to use Young Nails Protein Bond to prevent lifting on my gel extensions. I am currently using IBD hard builder gel. Does anyone have any experience in hai g this particular combination. I’m not sure if I should be mixing brands?
  12. J

    Gel nail extensions lifting - help!

    Hi, looking for some advice and whether someone can tell me what I am doing wrong! I seem to be having a recurring problem with gel nails lifting in the same place! I use Sally's builder gel (