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Apr 7, 2019
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Hello everyone!
Just wondering if anyone knows any cheap acrylics course, I’m more into liquid and powder but a lot of them are expensive! I only have a small budget. I’ve been told it’s better to do an acrylics course then work my way up to sculpting/L+P as it’s better for my insurance however I’m not sure I’m if I’m into the whole acrylics with plastic tips I just don’t think I like it and I prefer sculpting.
I’ve checked on a website called “NextStepBeauty” they’ve got some good ones on there but I didn’t know if anyone else had any ideas?
Thank you
If a course says 'Acrylic' it generally means liquid and powder. Sculpting or tips are just different ways to make extensions using L&P or hard gel. It wouldn't make any difference to insurance, you're insured for what your qualified in, the order obtained is irrelevant. I think it might be a good idea for you to do a little research into different systems and the pros and cons of each system before you decide on a course.
I have done my course through capital hair and beauty. I originally done my manicure and gel polish with nsi ( they are amazing ) I'm on maternity leave so couldn't afford the acrylic one as it was so pricey. Went with capital ( the manicure company products ) which was couple hundred and I loved it. ♡ ! Good luck xx

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