nail problems


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  1. Jade.246

    Acrylic nails and gel polish issues, help

    Hi, I have recently been learning how to do my own acrylic nails, although I have come across a few issues. I have done them around 20 times now and still struggling to figure out where I’m going wrong so just wanting a bit of advice. I have watched a lot of videos and it seems I’m doing it...
  2. N

    Is this trauma or fungus?

    Hey all, I haven’t been doing nails for too long but I’ve very rarely received complaint of this kind A client has sent me this and I just wanna confirm what has actually happened to the nail. If you could let me know your thoughts it would be heavily appreciated. Thank you
  3. Gelish Joanne

    Nail separation

    Wondering if anyone can help.. I have two clients which I have been doing for a number of years two of them have developed nail sepration nails looked dry underneath both referred to docs with nail clippings NOT fungal also bloody tests were taken with one client due to feeling run down again...