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Mar 29, 2020
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Hey all,

I haven’t been doing nails for too long but I’ve very rarely received complaint of this kind

A client has sent me this and I just wanna confirm what has actually happened to the nail.

If you could let me know your thoughts it would be heavily appreciated.

Thank you
I agree Trinity. I also note the dry condition of the skin and compromised eponychium and paronychium. There’s a bit of onychoschizia developing here as well.

Understanding the function of the parts of the nail and skin helps us take proper professional care of our clients. If you can take on a client with dry skin and compromised nails like this and give her a handshake to feel proud of - even without any polish or gel on, you’ll have a loyal, returning client who will bring you referrals.
Does not look like fungus to me. Looks like trauma, specifically a pulling of the nail forward. Was she wearing L&P, acrylics, or some other enhancement?
Hi it looks like damage to me. I wouldn't say the nail is separating from the nail bed because the free edge is clearly still attached. The nail bed looks red and it looks like her nails have flaked. Honestly it looks like she's pulled an enhancement off somehow. Look at the rest of her nails, you can tell where her enhancements have been. I don't think they were properly removed.
I agree, trauma to the nail will result in separation of the bed opening . There's alot going on, not fungus tho
Hard to say and as NT's, we're not allowed to make medical assessments. However fungus usually grows on the nails of the feet.

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