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  1. K

    Nano hair extensions

    Hey everyone! So I’ve currently got an invisible weave in but I’m due to have a change to nano ring extensions soon! I’m stuck between buying remi cachet or euphoria one (Russian or Brazilian) hair extensions. Does anyone have any experience with either and can recommend any of the two please...
  2. G

    Nano Bonds half head

    I had Nano hair extensions last night just for thickness. I have two rows I believe there is 100 maybe 125 can’t remember. But they’re very noticeable. My hair is very thin and fine so I’m wondering if a different placement would be better on my head. I think the girl did a great job but it’s...
  3. A

    Please can I have advice on models for hair extensions?

    Hi! I qualified in LA LEAVE/MICROBEADS & NANO BEADS in January. I had to put everything on hold because of COVID19. I now want to practice on models so I know how long the hair extensions stay in for, what the model thinks, get feedback etc but I don't want to charge as it seems unfair if they...
  4. I

    Hair extension models, feeling nervous!

    Hi All, I'm currently undergoing online training course with Maxwell Melia to learn 5 different methods - LA Weave, Nano bonds, Micro bonds, Fusion bonds and tapes. I'll be honest I'm not feeling overly confident because the mannequin head is so difficult to use, I can't get straight lines...
  5. S

    Nano bead hair extension - hair loss help!

    HI, I have always come to the salon geek forum to get ideas and advice but never signed up and posted. I now really need some advice around nano ring hair extensions and hair loss. I had my nano rings installed for the first time on March 7th - they are 180 20inchs. All was well when I had them...
  6. S

    LA Weave. colour ring and hair extension supplier?

    Hi, I recently did and LA weave and nano ring course with km hair extension training and they have told me to use the LA weave website, I have a trade account with them. However since Jan they have not had a colour ring in stock so i’m really struggling now i need to start or i worry this course...
  7. J

    Nano extensions on short thin hair

    Hi, I’ve just done my first consultation with a potential client, in the consultation I told her that she would need about 10 packs of nano strands (20 in each pack) as she has very short fine hair which she was fine with but now I’m not too sure as surely you would see that many if she has fine...
  8. J

    Nano beads slipping

    So I did my first set of nanos on my cousin the other week. She has thinner hair and has had extensions before so knows how to look after them. In 5 days she says she has lost 6 extensions! She says the bead is coming with it too so obviously slipping out. Could it be possible I'm trying to put...
  9. P

    Independent Russian hair sourcing

    Hi I’ve seen a few hair extension technicians actually sourcing their Russian hair themselves directly instead of buying it through a company. How do you go about this?? As id much rather source the hair myself. I’m wanting quality remy Russian double drawn hair. Thank you! Paige
  10. P

    Grade 8A&9A double drawn pure Russian hair suppliers

    Hi, I have recently become a qualified hair extension technician and in the process of finding suppliers before I start advertising for clients. I am looking for good quality virgin Russian hair that must be double drawn - either grade 8A or 9A. I currently have grade 8A Russian hair on my own...
  11. E

    Need supplier of Russian nano 24”-30” help!

    Hi does anyone know of a supplier who provides very good quality nano ring Russian extensions that go up to 24”- 30”? Anywhere that also blends colours too? Any help will be appreciated !!
  12. C

    Extensions advice

    Hi, newly qualified in extensions and done my first set of nanos yesterday on a client. I’ve noticed some people mention they work top to bottom. I’ve been trained to do bottom to top and just wondered what everyone’s thoughts were? I’m still trying to get my sections perfect and doing the...
  13. E

    Best nano supplier for blondes?

    Hi all, just new on this forum! I’ve been doing extensions for about a year and a half now and have used the same supplier the whole time. I’m just wondering who everyone recommends for blonde hair that lasts? I find my suppliers hair amazing quality for dark hair I wear it myself. Although the...
  14. NicoleLo

    Nano rings, first client

    Hi everyone, so I have been practising nano rings on my mums hair and I was just looking for a few tips. Just wondering if anyone could tell me how they control baby hairs during application and how to ensure you have neat sections. I have a client lined up to come in for a consultation next...
  15. K

    Hair extensions

    Looking for recommendations of hair extension suppliers, I’m looking for a supplier that has Nano ring mermaid lengths in silver/white shades with the quality of beauty works but for a slightly lower budget
  16. A

    Starting a hair extension business

    Hi all I'm hoping to gain some insight from experienced, established hair extension techs. After training in bonds 6+ years ago and solely fitting for friends/family, I've decided to try to branch out and make a living from hair extensions. I attended the LA weave course in March and did around...