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  1. N

    Venalisa polygel and other Asian brands

    Hey there L3 NVQ Student nail tech here - I have a question RE; MMA vs EMA in products , here's the context: So I'm close to completing my NVQ and wanting to practice ( a lot) to get my full set speed up to industry standards so I can gain employment - currently I am very poor ( like, I...
  2. E

    How long should a French Polygel application take?

    Hi all, just wondering how long you think a french pink and white polygel application should take with Tips under, I took 2 and half hours to do a set and was wondering if this is way too long. Thanks, emelia
  3. S

    Acrylic infill on Polygel nails?

    Can you infill polygel nails with acrylic? I'm having 50/50 answers off nail tech friends and the place I qualified so thought I would ask here!
  4. E

    Polygel, is base coat essential?

    Im wondering is it necessary that you apply a base coat or primer over what acrylic was left before you did the refill with polygel on a client that had acrylics or gel? Thanks
  5. E

    Polygel imitations

    Hi I'm just wondering if anyone has had any success with any polygel imitations I tried one from Born Pretty I thought that might be a good start as the nail polish seems quite good. Just wondering if anyone else has tried any of them and if you had any good results and if you used slip...
  6. M

    Anti fungal treatment before applying Polygel?

    I've watched so many videos about applying poly gel to nails. But none of them applied anti fungal to nails before applying bond coat and base coat. Is it because it's not needed with poly gel? But technicians working in Tehran, Iran do! Is it also because poly gels in America don't need anti...
  7. lashedbyamber

    Polygel slip solution

    I know you can substitute slip solution with isopropyl alcohol, but what percentage is best? I can only find 99.9% on amazon, is that too strong??
  8. J

    Starting Polygel?

    hi everyone, I was looking into doing polygel on myself, and have a couple of questions! firstly, are the polygels on amazon "safe"? I was looking into the Gershion polygel kit (https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B07NWKBSM7/ref=crt_ewc_title_srh_3?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A1TW5YI33MULC5), but I'm a bit...
  9. Melissa82

    Hypoallergenic/HEMA/HPMA free AcryGel

    I'm in the US and I'm wanting to learn acrygel's but really would like a brand that is as hypoallergenic as possible, not containing HEMA or HPMA as I have some allergies. I really pride myself on using products developed by chemists that are the forefront of their company but because this type...
  10. H

    CND Shellac & Polygel

    Hi there I am Level 3 Beauty qualified (2002) but worked in a different industry all my life. Following maternity leave, I am looking to work from home. I'm currently trained with Nouveau Lashes, Body Sugaring, Spray Tan and Henna Brows....but I have never been able to master nails. I have...
  11. Melissa82

    HEMA/HPMA free gel polish and Polygel

    Hello friends, Has anyone tried the HEMA free products from Diamonds and Gloss from Australia? I seem to be having allergy issues with products that contain HEMA and HPMA. I've boiled my options down to using Ikon IQ and Light Elegance. I've heard of CJP and Luminous Colour Gel. I primarily...