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    Where to advertise my chairs/spaces to rent?

    Hi everyone! I’m a healthcare professional who’s has recently set up my own business doing medical aesthetics (Botox, fillers, skin care etc). I’ve got the opportunity to take on a lease of an established hair and beauty salon near me. Due to covid, the salon has remained empty and unleased for...
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    Training room rent advice

    Hiya I’m just after some advice, I have a hair dresser who rents a chair in my salon. We are also a training academy and have a separate training room with 5 stations for this. My hairdresser has been approached to be a educator for a extension course and they want to use my training room to...
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    Problem with chair landlord

    Hello geeks! I have just had a ride of a morning... I'm not sure what to do because I'm scared the salon owner who treated me poorly enough to make me leave will badmouth me to my old clients I really rely on word of mouth. I contacted whom I could but obv that's not everyone... This morning...
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    Room to rent London/Essex

    Hello I’m looking to rent a room in London/Essex on weekends. I will be carrying out lash treatments. I’m struggling to find a salon online. Can anyone recommend where I can look? Thanks
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    Looking to rent a room with sink for semi permanent treatments

    Hi! I am looking for a room to rent (with a sink) in Leeds. I have recently finished semi permanent makeup training (micropigmentation/nanoblading with digital machine) and have to work towards my model portfolio to fully qualify. Also will receive VTCT Certificate (highest level in this...
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    Renting a beauty space?

    Hi. I am looking to rent a beauty room and nail desk from a salon in my area. I know it varies from place to place but how much on average is it? What’s included, for example cotton wool couch roll tissues, are these kind of essentials included or is it just the room and desk? Thankyou
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    Renting chair, tax help

    Hi all - First time poster here, hopefully in the right place. I’m leaving my employer of 11 years to rent a chair, and a bit nervous. I’m trying to learn as much as I can, but The one question I can’t find an answer to is regarding taxes. I understand there is a self employment tax...
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    Beauty room/space to rent in Kent

    Hi, Completely new to all of this, don’t even know if I am posting in the right section! I am newly qualified in acrylic nails and have self taught designs etc. I will also be completely facial courses in the near future to add this to my services. I am in need of a beauty room or space to...
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    Rent a room payment

    I’m just wanting some advice on renting a room in a salon. The salon room is extremely small and there’s not much room at all, just enough room for a chair and shelves, I can’t even have a bed I can only have the adjustable chairs. What is the standard amount of rent? A lot of my friends pay...
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    Rent a room

    Great opportunity to rent a room in Yeadon Leeds. We have a treatment room available within our hairdressing salon it's a great opportunity for a therapist to grow their business. The room cost just £25 per day. Please message me for more details.
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    For those who offer anti-wrinkles treatments and fillers

    Hello, I am a doctor and I Work part time NHS hence It is the best time for me to do something that I have always wanted to do - offering anti wrinkle injections and fillers. Any way I did my training and now ready to deliver. I have found a decent beauty salon locally and offered a commission...
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    Looking to rent a room

    Hi everyone, I’m just join here. I’m looking to rent a room around Rochester Kent area. I’m level 3 beauty therapist specialist. Will be offering facial galvanic, high frequency and micro current. I also can do plasma fibroblast. I can travel about 20 miles from Rochester. Thank you, Poppy