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  1. L

    Client wants a refund for lashes

    Hey guys! So I recently came across this lash company with excellent reviews on one of their lash glues. I’m talking about a month and a half great retention! Im currently using another lash glue that works wonders but wanted to try a different one just cause I wanted to look for another go to...
  2. J

    Eyelash extension retention

    Hello all, I am new to this cite as I have no where else to go and am feeling sad and very frustrated. I have been doing eyelash extensions for 2 years now and have had this problem with retention. I have purchased new glued but everything I am doing is just not making sense. I begin the...
  3. V

    Lash retention advice

    I’m using London lash pro, lady bond and it’s been giving me great rentention over the summer with some lasting up to 5 weeks. However this month of September has been awful, girls lashes arent lasting over one week. I’ve changed to power bond this month as I need something that drys quicker but...
  4. salonfrog

    Client retention rate 58%?

    Hi everyone, Just listening to a Phorest podcast talking about Client retention rates. They're saying that a healthy industry standard should be 58%; being 30% for new Clients and 68% for existing Clients. Does this sound anything like you're seeing? Be really interested to know! many thanks...
  5. X

    Lash cleaning and retention

    Hi everyone. I’m after some advice on lash cleansing routines when a client comes in. My training was years ago and I’d like to take a refresher course but want to get some practice in beforehand. I wasn’t even taught to clean the lashes. The course was awful. So I’ve taught myself about...
  6. monicaselena

    Question about clients eyelash retention

    Hello! I just filled my clients lashes yesterday. I used ebl Grand Rapids lash glue and I had a 30% humidity which from the website said it was an ideal humidity level. She sent me a message saying a whole bunch fell out . I just opened the bottle with her set ! She did get her brows done...