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  1. E

    Client wants me to match ends to roots?

    So my client sent me some pictures of her root regrowth. She said she’s naturally a dark blonde but “forgot” and wants her bleached ends to match her roots for a smooth transition in growing out hair. im thinking she is a natural level 7, dark ashy blonde? But am I wrong. I’m figuring out quite...
  2. DotRawR

    Covering grey roots

    I'm going to be doing me mums roots in a day or two, i only have 4.5 in colorissimo, when I really need a make a 3.5 so she dont get root glare as she is rather grey at the roots. If I was to do a mixing ratio of maybe 15ml 3.0 + 15 ml 4.5, would this take the depth down at all?
  3. M

    Wella Koleston and Welloxon ratios

    Hi, home dye job coming up and my hairdresser is sick with corona so I don’t want to bother her! I have Wella Koleston 6/00 and Welloxon Perfect 6% 20 vol. is it 2 parts developer to 1 part colour, equal amounts? I don’t have a measuring tube. Does weight work with kitchen scales? I have...
  4. G

    Regrowth dilemma

    So every time I do my clients re-growth (thankfully she’s a close friend of mine) the tone always grabs ridiculously and I end up having to colour it 2 times. she’s naturally a base 9/10, extremely light - she’s Swedish. But her all over colour is a base 6, with balayage highlights through out...
  5. K

    Auburn hair with dark ash blonde roots, how to go back natural or blond?

    I have been trying to go back to my natural color for ever. The first try at a salon, I ended up with a medium brown/auburn color. It faded very red. Then at another salon, I asked for dark ash blonde and ended up with a dark dark cool brown. Eventually that faded to auburn. Unable to continue...
  6. Georgiavanilla

    Virgin hair not lifting evenly, help!

    Hi, It’s my first time posting on here but I’m desperate to know if anyone else has experienced this. I studied hairdressing and have never seen anything like it. I bleached my own roots for ten years with no problem, I’m a base 4 naturally - with bleach and 12% for 40 mins and I had clean white...
  7. C

    Platinum hair color correction suggestions please!

    Hello, any suggestions on how I can color correct this? I want to use Olaplex #1 in Joico Vero K-Pak Creme lightener with the lowest amount of developer possible. I'm thinking it would be best to bleach the yellow section first, and then the roots separately. Not sure what volume I should use...
  8. I

    Root touch up on balayage?

    I am newly qualified in to hairdressing and one of my friend has asked me to touch up theirs roots on the baylayage and to tone the blonde. What’s the best way to touch up the roots without ruining the balayage? Do I do normal root touch up and just comb the root colour through slightly?
  9. charlottesteward03

    Need help with a naturally ginger client!

    So I’ve been doing this particular client for 4 and a half years. She’s always had a full head of roots touch-up using 6.0 & 6.1 mixed with 6% which has always covered the warmth from her ginger. Then she has a full head of bleach highlights after. Her hair was getting into great condition until...