Auburn hair with dark ash blonde roots, how to go back natural or blond?


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I have been trying to go back to my natural color for ever. The first try at a salon, I ended up with a medium brown/auburn color. It faded very red. Then at another salon, I asked for dark ash blonde and ended up with a dark dark cool brown. Eventually that faded to auburn. Unable to continue with Southern California salon prices, I decided to keep with the auburn and colored it myself. Now several months later, my ash blonde roots are about two inches. I also have a strange light stripe between that I'm not sure how got there. I've been trying to get rid of the red tone by using blue shampoo/masks. At this point, I just want my hair to look natural and without any warm tone. I still can't afford a salon, what might be my easiest solution?



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I’m sorry but it’s against site rules to provide colour formulas or detailed technical advice to non professionals.

If you can’t afford to go to a salon, then maybe try a local training college or facility, where students are supervised and the costs are reduced.